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  1. After introducing myself under the heading of Papua New Guinea HS30 a couple of weeks ago, I now realize that I'll never get to drive that car again. Poor eyesight and lack of dexterity mean biting the bullet and sell the car, but how do I value the car? Not enough of the 240Z's around in Adelaide to gauge what it is worth, and I don't want to sell it to a "hotrodder". It is a sad time for me, but acknowledging one's limitations is a difficult decision. Any members been in my position? Auction? Gumtree? Cars for Sale? As I have a quantity of 240Z spares, I really want the car
  2. Bought the 1973 240Z in Port Moresby in 1982, the previous owner having to leave the country unexpectedly. The car was in good nick, but signs of rust in the lower doors and front mudguards. I had this repaired and undertook to respray the car (in the original silver colour) and generally restore it to pristine condition. The car had mirrors mounted on the mudguards and I decided to remove them as pedestrians loved to knock them about and put shallow dents in the car body. I removed all badges (I still have them) and filled the badge mounting holes as I saw these as potential future ru
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