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    EFI Parts

    wanting to convert my L26 to EFI chasing any EFI bits that may be lying around, manifold, heads, complete motors, computer, looms etc especially want to know if you've got a turbo one your willing to part with located in SA but willing to travel/ pay shipping
  2. Hey, Thought id share my newest project not a Z car (hope its OK) but a 1969 2300/Cedric Super Six, bought it sight unseen (only one phone photo!) a few months back and have finally picked it up turned out it was way better than i had expected with only a few patches of rust for me to deal with, virtually none for a early Datto anyway haha had been parked up since '94 in a shed, yes thats genuine barn find dust or rather grape shed dust. The original L23 is apparently a bit on the tired side so planing on getting it running and driving then a bit of an upgrade to make it into a nice cruiser and tuck both the L23s aside in the shed for safe keeping. Going to slowly get things tidied up, seats re-foamed and repaired, bumpers re-chromed etc and collect some parts for the new engine. thinking along the lines of an EFI L motor and 5 speed also has anyone ever seen an alloy L6 sump with a finned base and the wing bits out the side for more capacity? in the last photo, i now have two of them haha
  3. Thanks heaps for the help guys Ordered a pertronix ignitor kit #1761 and matching 3ohm coil, went with the 60,000v option thinking bigger's better (guess ill find out if its not haha) I disassembled the dizzy fully, inspected and cleaned all the old dried grease out of the advance weights and re-lubed it all before installing the pertronix unit, also locked out the vacuum advance mechanism as it was recommended not to be used with the webers and the motor never sees a "cruise" situation anyway Tigged up a fancy new aluminium bracket for the coil too And now the best part! the motor started well, i set the timing and the advance weights come out much quicker now thanks to the fresh lube, the timing light actually flashes regularly at idle and through the rev range which it didn't before indicating that its firing every time now. No more cough and splutter when the throttle is opened either and far more responsive Tested it out in the um... "extended driveway" and it drives so much nicer now, can take off and grab second without it spluttering straight after the gear-change even gets instant wheelspin in 2nd when you open it up Taking it out over the October long weekend, should be a massive improvement over last time! will hopefully get some footage of it in action too
  4. Thanks for the help guys, put the timing light on it again and checked how the advance moves with the revs starts out at about 14deg and smoothly increases into the low-mid 30's (guesstimate past the indicator) when its been held steady at any given RPM though the mark is jumping around quite a bit, only occasionally settling down and staying steady haven't had a chance to pull the dizzy apart and have a look at that plate yet though Does anyone know somewhere in oz that stocks the pertronix kit? cant seem to find any, only from the states or RB30 ones
  5. Hey, New here but been a long time Datto owner, i was born into it pretty well haha ive got issues with my L26 in my off road buggy, i think ive narrowed it down to ignition but still unsure as ive never dealt with one as modified as this myself the motor in question is a 260z l26 that i built a few months ago coupled to a Vw Transaxle and Irs, the flywheel is also very light being a chomemolly VW one with the datsun center its got an shaved e88 head with bigger valves, balanced bottom end, new tripple 45 webers on a lynx manifold and set of 6-2-1 headers virtually straight out the cam is unknown specs but does have some lope and a noticeable power increase at 3k rpm it still has the l26 points dizzy and coil though now what happens is the motor runs smooth but slightly underpowered until 5500rpm then just hits a wall, no more revs and its not floating the valves like my L20b used to do at just shy of 8K but occasionaly ill be tearing along it will take off and spin the tires in 3rd, ill look down and see it in the 7k rpm range and then itll die, drop back to 5500rpm and sound weak like a stock motor, and wont even pull 3rd up a rise Should i be looking at a electronic dizzy? if so a stock zx one or a petronix one, would i be better off spending a few more $ and get a 123ignition one? or would it more likely be in the webers tune/ fuel starvation, it hasn't been on a dyno and the carbs are the generic jetting from lynx, if so ive posted in the wrong section (would post some photos but cant find how too)
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