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R180 3.9 lsd, r180 4.375 open centre diff, Rb20 71c gearbox with L bellhousing, etc

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I have a few items for sale, I've come to the realization im probably never going to use these

First up 

Subaru r180 3.9 suretrack Lsd. This will need a pair of John Williams' output shafts to convert to Datsun spec half shafts (us$300). Once done though looks factory perfect and gives you the popular original ratio in Lsd.

$600 - SOLD


4.375 Nissan r180 diff. Gears are in good condition but needs new bearings fitted. 

$600 - SOLD

Next :

Rb20 71c 5 speed gearbox, excellent condition, syncros fine, no noises or whines, L bellhousing fitted, unnecessary switches removed and blanked, gearstick modified to suit late 240z that were originally fitted with 71b boxes, still in car can test drive if you live in Adelaide 

$1000 SOLD


71b wide ratio 5 speed, good condition, good syncros

$400 - SOLD

Big Nissan valve cover ,original and needs a clean but no dents or scratches 

$175 - SOLD

Rear bobtail spoiler



240z dash, no gauges or metal frame ,has one of those caps on it, it's OK but far from perfect. I was going to have one refurbed then replace the original, this isn't as good as my original. So I'll redo the original one day

$150 - SOLD


Will get some pics up tomorrow 



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