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SOLD 2" JAG SU carbies.

peter t

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Hi I have a set of 2 inch JAG SU carbies equipped with K&N filters that are no longer required. They were done up just before I bought them and have had little use although have been sitting around quite some time. Looking for $500 plus frt or pick up Loganholme.



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On 9/4/2020 at 8:48 AM, theremm said:

Do these offer a big performance difference over the smaller hitachi SUs?

Not sure mate. I only had them on the L26 for a short while. Maybe some one else has some knowledge as to what performance can be achieved with these.


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@theremm i have a set of 2" Hs8's (picture below)from at Rover 2000TC on one of my Z's they are virtually identical to the ones above, i have heard the Jag ones can be a little more difficult to set up.

the N36 inlet manifold (in the picture above) are apparently the best flowing of  the standard manifolds,

Unfortunately i didn't get the car dynoed when i first put them on but i did notice a big improvement in the cars power. sorry no data

The standard 1" 3/4 Su's on the Z's have and diameter of 44.45 mm  the the 2" are 50 mm

So basic maths (i did fail maths at school) pi r 2  the 2"Sus have a little over 25% more area to allow air in,  More air and fuel in, and as long as it can get out will give you more power. 

If your in Brisbane I recommend you talk to Rob from Brisbane Turbo and Tuning for advice and getting him to set these up to get the most out of them. 


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