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[eBay] - 1965 SP310 DATSUN Fairlady roadster convertible# coupe 240z 260z 1600 mgb mg

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The last fairlady they had was "sold" at around $16K in 2 or 3 "no reserve, must sell" auctions, but popped up again for auction a few days later each time.

This one has "small isolated rust spots" that appear to actually be huge rust patches in most panels. Plus a "gorgeous black interior" that seems to feature a badly hacked about dash held together with a chunk of vinyl stuck over the top and featuring non-original gauges and switches in a non-original or badly recovered dash panel.

It also has the "big block" H20 2 litre engine (from a Nissan commercial vehicle or possibly even a forklift....) rather than the G15 1500 engine it should have. Although at least it has had the H20 tin rocker cover replaced with an original fairlady-specific alloy one to make it look "correct"

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Yeah that's kind of my point, this was listed a few hours ago and already has a frenzy of bidding activity for a tarted up Fairlady Roadster (Lipstick on a pig anyone?)...

I think I would advise anyone dealing with this cowboy outfit to be careful.

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