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Simon DeGroot Turbo L28 240z - Where abouts?


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Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone here knows Simon Degroot or has his contact details that they could forward on to me? For those who don't know him he had a website on his build of a L28 Turbo 240z http://www.240z.id.au (site now broken).


Its been featured in Zoom magazine and other publications and I'd really like to feature it here on Viczcar.com - after all where could be more appropriate?


Perhaps some of our Queensland members know where he is?



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Hi mate,

Thanks for that, I did manage to find those details last night and I've asked Sulio to contact him. I removed his contact details from the thread just for privacy sake. (He may not want his phone number listed in forums).


I tried sending an email but it bounced back.

Hopefully Sulio can turn something up, since its a truly great car and alot of hard work went into it. Will make for an excellent feature provided he his happy to go along with it and I've offered to host his old website, since it was a good resource.

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Howdy all,

yes its been a while. . . Ive been pretty quiet on the Z scene lately. . . .


My site went down quite some time ago. . . .I was having trouble with the people who were hosting it so I just pulled it off and haven't bothered to put it up again. The Archive site is pretty cool  :)  I hadn't seen it before. That is an older version of my site, I had a few more pics etc on the final version.


Ive actually been a member on this site for about 5 or so years as Zbuild, which is what my site was called. Anyhow I'll have to get together some shots etc for the feature. .. Ive been thinking of trying to take a through-the-bonnet shot for some time, so this will give me the incentive.


cheers - Simon

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