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  1. Thanks again Mike, all this info is very helpful. . . armed with that info I might go sniffing around some nissan/datsun wreckers and gearbox places to see what they have lying around. Much appreciate your help. I haven't been driving my z much because of the rattle and had to take it out on the weekend because the battery was getting a bit low. . . Ahhhh I forgot how much fun it is. . .so now Ive got an incentive to get my finger out and fix this problem. thanks again and cheers - Simon
  2. Cool! thanks Mike. . . I had heard that this thing came in some sort of Datsun/nissan ute or light truck, so the LD28 side of it could be spot on. Unfortunately you dont see much LD28 stuff here in OZ . . . or should I say. . I haven't seen much but I'll keep my eyes open. If you come across another of those bellhousings I'd be interested in talking to you about getting it sent over. . .if you dont mind of course. Thanks for your message cheers - Simon
  3. Hi All, Recently the S14 box that I run behind my L28 in my 240Z started to get a bearing rattle. Im going to have to put a set of bearings through it but have been told that there is a better option than the 260Z bellhousing I am presently using. . . With the 260Z bellhousing you are limited to using the smaller 260 bearings that fit into the bellhousing. I have heard that there is another bellhousing you can use that uses the larger bearings that come standard in the S14 box. . Can anyone tell me what bellhousings these are? Thanks in advance cheers - Simon
  4. Howdy all, yes its been a while. . . Ive been pretty quiet on the Z scene lately. . . . My site went down quite some time ago. . . .I was having trouble with the people who were hosting it so I just pulled it off and haven't bothered to put it up again. The Archive site is pretty cool I hadn't seen it before. That is an older version of my site, I had a few more pics etc on the final version. Ive actually been a member on this site for about 5 or so years as Zbuild, which is what my site was called. Anyhow I'll have to get together some shots etc for the feature. .. Ive been thinking of trying to take a through-the-bonnet shot for some time, so this will give me the incentive. cheers - Simon
  5. Yes that is a cycling shirt, Lotto is one of the big bike sponsors overseas, and the pocket across the bottom of the back is where you put food, drinks, glasses etc. I do a bit of cycling, I'll have to look out for one cheers - Simon
  6. She's an old Air Research unit I got at a swap meet. I paid $175 for 2 turbos (in pieces) in a cardboard box, 1 big and 1 not quite as big. We took the exhaust housing from one (smaller) and the compressor end from the other (larger) whacked in a new shaft, bearings and seals and for another $450 had a good unit. Its a T04 it starts to get interested at 2500rpm and is all over about 6200 but while its happening its quite impressive. cheers - Simon
  7. If you can get that XR8 on Ebay for cheap, well and good, but if you dont, XF Falcons also had a 65mm TB. . .I used one on my turbo'd L28. There were a lot of them at the wreckers and they go for not much cash. Just check the shaft play. As said previously, you do have to mod you manifold to fit it see this page: http://www.240z.id.au/Pages/fuel.htm cheers - Zbuild
  8. Cool! I dont think I can aspire to the sort of numbers you'll be putting out Davd What sort of work have you done in the rebuild? cheers - Simon
  9. Howdy Its the same car. . . I took out Best car at the fast fours Jamboree up here a while ago and both fast fours and Hot fours approached me for a photo shoot. The Hot Fours was a much better article. . . Fast Fours took the highest power figure we talked about and said that this is what I run on the street. . .not so. . .I get around with 230Kw at the rears every day. We have seen 244 & 270Kw at the rear on the dyno and briefly on the street, but it was a bit scarey (sideways action) On the dyno once, we screwed the pneumatic valve the wrong way :oops: and saw a figure in excess of 300Kw with no pinging, but Tim (my dyno man) backed off as soon as he saw what we'd done. He likes to use a bit of caution. Ive since changed the rear tyres for a set of the new Yoko Advans and its now much more controllable, so I might start easing the boost up a little. My website hasn't changed much over the last few years as I haven't done much to my Z. Recently I bought a set of MSD 40,000 volt coils for it but haven't put them on yet, and Ive had a bit of trouble with some of my Noletec bushes disintegrating but that's pretty much all thats changed since my original build 4 years ago. Funnily enough the polishing isnt too bad, though detailing the engine bay and the underneath for shows is a pain in the a#$e Cheers - Simon
  10. Im in Qld so its probably a bit different up here, but Ive just received my renewal notice from Shannons. Agreed value of $25K on extreme limited use 4000 km/year although they've never asked me for a speedo reading and the cost is approx $380 I get the car in the case of a writeoff. And I believe Im covered at driver training days and the like. You have to specify all your good bits like wheels, stereo, motec etc etc. and as someone above said, I took it to them and gave them a look. The suburb where you live and the anti theft things you have installed also make a difference. cheers - Simon ps. Im an old fart >25 so that would have a bit of an effect
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