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  1. Im going to go with the cleaning as it has very little rust just the fuel residue. See how it goes
  2. Thanks for the links I went to pickup tank on the weekend. they showed me what they thought was the old liner. Turns out what they thought was liner was actually the fuel residue. Ive asked them to have a go anyway ill take the risk. ill keep U informed. Again cheer for the help
  3. thanks He has nothing
  4. thanks Gav Cant find any contact detail Zshop ph # doesn't work
  5. Hi guys got tank back. Unable to clean as has been lined before. Bugger what now???
  6. Thanks Guys Tank sent away for repair. never would of thought to contact a Radiator place
  7. full of hard black gunge, no holes some dint to the bottom, minor rust. the black shit is stuffing everything up
  8. In need of a clean fuel tank for my 79 280zx
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