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  1. G'day - a quick question if anyone can help. Trying to remove headlight nacelles from 1976 260z. Had the usual problem, one bolt came out, one snapped off, 2 appeared to have the welded nuts on inside of panel break free so I assume I will have to cut off the bolt heads and tac weld nuts back in place. So the question - is it 4 bolts in total, two on the inside near radiator and two on the outside or are there any other securing bolts behind the headlight? Thanks
  2. Just checked re rear carb being 90 degrees wrong position. Due to the way the three attaching screws are offset ie not equidistant, that is the only way that carb top can be fitted, I cannot rotate it so the bump is facing the air cleaner Just looked on the internet, there are a few pics of dual HS6 SU that look like the same set up as mine, ie the offset bumps. Below is one pic off MGB found on the net
  3. Thanks for that - it was probably me as I had the tops off cleaning them out and changing the damper oil.....
  4. It is 1976... I believe SU carbs fitted and last owner got the radiator done (prob due to our hot and humid conditions in Darwin). Last owner had it for 12 years he said although not moved for the last 5 (think he was happy driving his Carrera around). He was getting on a bit (reckon about 70) and did say he used to do most of the work on it himself. I suspect tailgate stuffed as the spoiler on the back had been screwed onto it so I think the water had got into the tailgate that way and boy do we get water in the wet season. We ended up paying 6k for it - I hope that was a reasonable price and
  5. G'day. I am a complete newbie at renovating a car so I am sure I will have lots of questions although I see lots of useful info on this site. I guess I am probably the only member from Darwin although stand to be corrected. My son recently left home ( moved only 10 mins down the road) but before he went he said he wanted a project car for Father son bonding! He would have preferred something more modern having had 180sx, s13,s14,s15 and now an evo but I wanted something more of a classic and always loved the old Z cars. We used to see this old 260z drive past our house every day and then
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