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  1. No unfortunately I don't know anyone who would have a S130 RM-2. I suggest that part will be more difficult to obtain here in Australia, 280ZX's were not popular here... No Problem... The Evaporator is boxed and ready to go.
  2. I have not used them only DHL or a company called Pack & Send who are expensive and with Pack and Send you have to take parcel to their shopfront...
  3. We have agencies for DHL, UPS and FedEx here in Sydney - All located near Sydney Airport. I have used DHL in the past to send items overseas and have found they are reliable and products arrive undamaged. I have received overseas items from all three agencies. From my experience FedEx are the most expensive. It will be more convenient if whom ever you chose to ship the core can collect from my house. I can deliver to their shopfronts however they are all located near Sydney Airport and conveniently located short term car parking is abysmal. The package is 350mm High x 310mm Wide x 240mm Deep --> Weight = 4.5 kilograms. I will bubble wrap the core when I package it to mitigate any damage if you decide to proceed. I am located in Frenchs Forest, NSW (New South Wales) - Postal Code 2086... I think this will give you enough details to obtain pricing from the three agencies. If at this stage you need my address I can supply privately. I suggest that when you receive the core, prior to installation, that you service it and purge it with refrigerant. And if you intend storing it for a period of time that you seal the connections to inhibit dirt ingress... If you ever visit Eric Neyerlin's ZParts website I'm the guy who wrote the SU Carburettor Article...
  4. Hello, Yes both the evaporator and the heater cores are still available. The housing for the fan and heater/evaporator case was pretty badly damaged and the air vanes were badly rusted these have been discarded. I am happy to ship to USA at your expense. Australian Dollar is currently floating between $0.66 & $0.69. I prefer if you can organise shipping from your end because I am time short. But I can look into a number of shipping options if need be. I use PayPal if that is convenient for you... I have other cabin related AC/heater parts if you are interested - Vacuum valves, vacuum port switch, heater relay and amplifier MOSFET module. I can send photos of what I have if you are interested to see more. Ironically I have had these parts for so long I was this weekend past considering scrapping them...
  5. Yes it is, I am located in Frenchs Forest NSW
  6. A$75 Good condition. No leaks to my knowledge - Not from my vehicle. Pipe connections have been taped up to keep dust and rubbish out. Sorry, don't know year. Located Sydney Northern Beaches. Happy to send overseas at buyer's expense...
  7. A$50 Good condition. No leaks to my knowledge - Not from my vehicle. Sorry, don't know year. Located in Sydney Northern Beaches. Happy to send overseas at buyer's expense...
  8. I have one of each salvaged from a defunct 280ZX heater/AC unit. Year model unknown. Condition as indicated in photos. There do not appear to be any leaks in either the heater or the evaporator cores. They should both be flushed out prior and pressure tested prior to use. $50 for the pair or $30 if purchased individually. Located Sydney Northern Beaches. I can post (via Australia Post Only) but will require an additional $5 over and above the postage cost if you want me to post to allow me to package properly to avoid transportation damage. Postage cost by weight an size as per Australia Post website. I will be unable to post and not available to collect from 10/12/18 to 02/01/19 inclusive.
  9. I am also interested in the roof from top of front and rear pillars as well as the fuel filler recess and flap...
  10. In what condition is the fuel filler flap and recess? Interested to purchase...
  11. Have you tried MIDEL in Lakemba, NSW? http://www.sumidel.com/
  12. 280ZX A/C Fan, Evaporator Core & Heater Core - Located Sydney, Australia. $50 Originally procured to determine whether it could be adapted to a 260Z.. Condition as shown in photos - WYSIWYG. Fan spins without making noise. Have not tested vents or flaps other than to push open with fingers. You organise courier/shipping/postage if you are unable to collect.
  13. Gyzmo

    240Z Steering Column

    Would you mind sending me a photo?... How much do you want for it?
  14. Does anyone (preferably in Sydney) have a 240Z steering column they are willing to sell? Early type where collapsing section of tube is corrugated. Bellows must be in good condition... Similar to the attached image...
  15. Further to my post above... I have been in contact with a motor engineer and I am working out a solution to getting this system to comply. My engineer requires me to incorporate as much collapse as possible in the upper half of the column... I am working on a solution as I write...
  16. Gyzmo

    Welded Steering Shaft

    From the album: Gyzmo's 260Z 2+2 Electrix

    Steering Shaft from Z Power Steering USA
  17. Gyzmo

    Gyzmo's 260Z 2+2 Electrix

    Electrical fixes and upgrades...
  18. From the album: Gyzmo's 260Z 2+2 Electrix

    When I removed the steering column cowel the horn contact mounting block broke. You can buy new ones from: < http://datsun-240z-upgrades.net/> they are 3D printed The Guy's name is Dave. He also sells LED side indicators - I'm getting prices and shipping costs from him as I write: < datsun-240z-upgrades.net/products/ > Any one else interested??

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