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  1. Really good info, cheers.
  2. Oh yes, certainly. Just wondering if there were any significant disadvantages of a 240K L24
  3. Do you mean a spare one? The only oil sump pickup I have is in the engine that is currently running in my car (Which is definitely not front, most likely rear, however it looks just a little forward of the rear).
  4. I currently have an L20A in my Z, and I would like a good L24 setup. I'd rather the L24 and not 26 or 28 as I would prefer a true 240z block. I'm preferebly after something that has been recently rebuilt and runs really well (eg a rebuilt ported head, E88, N42 etc would be a bonus). Depending on the work that has been done to it, and how complete it is, I would be willing to spend up to $5k. Cheers!
  5. I've been chasing a decent L24 to replace my JDM L20A. One has come up but it is an L24 form a 240K. Is there any disadvantage to not having one that came from a 240Z? I've read that the position of the bowl sump is different (K's have front bowl sumps, Z's rear). The set up I'm looking at also has an N42 head, which I don't think came stock with any 240K's. Cheers.
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