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  1. I found an Early Girl HS30 00197 today, Marked 12/70 on the compliance plate. Its been in the same family for 37 years on the south coast of NSW. Original Colour appears to be a green similar to British Racing Green- which I believe is the same as 907 Grand Prix Green (very happy to be corrected). It is now a bright red. It had a Sunroof- which has been removed and the roof repaired by a Sydney based repairer as recommended by Mr Wilkins. Currently belongs to a nice guy Mr Adam Orhard, who is looking to sell it. Does anyone on the forum have any previous knowledge dealing with this Early Girl please ? Cheers everyone Chris (ZD240)
  2. Thanks AndBir ! Took, a peep but think I have struck up a deal with 240ZR. Thanks folks for the great assistance. Much appreciated all !
  3. FYI if you are perhaps wanting a backup transmission there is a Facebook advert I saw today for a 77 L26 Motor & automatic tranmission. Located in Parramatta NSW you will have to ask about the price. The Gent's name is Matt. Cheers
  4. Hi Graeme & Team C.A.F, thanks for the question. I trashed the original guard as it had been seriously crashed by the seller in the early 90's and I brought the entire car back then for parts(sans L24) for $500. The seller extracted his prized L24 using a Hot Axe and as the guard had been in the way, well... as we know Z's were much more commonplace back then. My HS30-100123 rolling shell came with fibreglass guards & bonnet-so I am replacing them. I will ask my wife to have a look on Facebook and thanks for the tip- if anyone has seen one please do share -Chris. A
  5. Hi everyone, Think I have found what I need with 240ZR so thanks everyone for the replies and help Cheers -Chris Hi Z community. Seeking to buy a 240Z Front guard (fender)- Offside (Right hand Driver's side) I know it's probably easier to get Hens teeth ( or Rocking Horse shi...) BUT if you don't ask... OR if anyone can point me in a good direction that would also be great. Wanting to get my body finally done so I can start re-assembly. HS30- 100123 MUST BE road-borne again ! Thanks for reading. Chris. A
  6. Yeah- George is great- VERY thorough and a true sad story about the Silver Shell you had ( the prang he had the day he put it on road ). Glad to hear it all went well. The rear on my shell is rusty, its been asked about before. I grabbed it off Bardan (Import Monkey ) last year but cant bring myself to destroy the chassis. Is Alex the Alex panel beater with the 2+2 he is restoring ?
  7. Whoops, my email is: andrews.cg@gmail.com as I not so savvy with the forum thing & I can sometimes miss things And I can donate some time to help with your dis-assembly if you need Later dude. C A
  8. Hi Scotty, Hmmm…I’m thinking pretty much you got this off George out Campbelltown way? ( which, if so means he also showed you his Black Beast … nice hunh J If you have not sold the nose area ( radiator support ) and wish to sell please email, SMS or give me a bell. Happy to come and remove myself. In doing so you will prevent me taking to the shell I have (fairly intact ) with an angle grinder so I can then pass it on as is and keep a Z chassis alive for re-build. Ta dude. Chris A 0401 777 737
  9. Hi all, I just wanted to list this on our great Z Forum prior to going public on Gumtree. FOR SALE LHD SHELL IN IT'S ENTIRETY ( I don't plan to cut off small pieces like in Reservoir Dogs- "Hello" ?) I have a 240Z USDM car where I think the shell is too rusty. There are still usable bits but really depends on what you need. I can point you to another usable RHD shell that could be used in combination with this to start a restore or race project.This shell is Left hand drive. What IS available: - Complete shell with rust in floors, rear hatch slam panel, sills, etc etc. However..... Roof looks good as do rear quarters. - All glass: Windscreen, rear hatch, rear quarters. - Front fenders (bottom on drivers rusty) What is NOT available: - Full interior: Dash is broken but can have it if you need. Headlining is still intact though. - Front and rear suspension - Engine/Gearbox: Both being used. - Doors - Radiator Support - Fuel tank - Bonnet ( but I could have my arm twisted ) Looking at $1600 ( a great Datsun number I am sure we all agree ) I will check emails of a night time so please contact me for any more information Thanks Chris ( AXE2IT ) 0401 777 737
  10. Ta Bardan, got it. Chat Fri dude. The girls will probably take the Z's for a cruise when they are old enough ( and well practiced enough ) to drive em' Sort of a Beach Boys song: "...and she'll have Fun Fun Fun till Daddy takes the Z Car away..."
  11. PS: Sorry Bardan ( how rude of me to forget ), Ube’r congrats on your daughter- mine is now 5.5 and I have promised her that she will be the 1st girl ever to go for a ride in my Z… or as she says- “The Yellow Car” Many great times ahead I assure you ( well until she’s a teen, then we borrow a friends shotgun that he needs help to polish ) Chris ( AXE2IT )
  12. Greetings Mr I-Monkey, I just brought your Hatch & Hood on eBay ( yeah yeah, I should have checked here 1st… I know ) so we will meet soon. I left you my contact number on eBay so please contact me & let me know the pick-up address. Requesting DIBS please on the nose part of the shell ( radiator support ) and we can talk turkey if you need to have the whole shell gone-ski. Looking forward to meeting up for a chat shortly. Chris (AXE2IT) future Z car driver !
  13. Thanks for the info - I will check out Motorsports AXE2IT
  14. Greetings to all those who have "HS30" tatooed on to their body as their specific BLOOD TYPE My names Chris but AXE2IT works well too. Finally started re-assembling my 240 Z after 17 years of being under "THAT" car cover Has anyone used BLACK DRAGON, Z Car Source or Datsun Parts LLC ( all in USA ) ? I am chasing Rubbers mainly and will need a few odd pieces here and there ( I may have some to sell eventually ) Christmas is coming and so is the plate ZD240... lets hope Santa delivers Thanks for any hints and help !
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