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  1. Ok, looks like We can only have 15 max out side. And that’s not going to work. So let’s postpone the event to January. Sunday the 17th. Still with fingers crossed. Sorry for any inconvenience . Hopefully by then 50 can be a realistic number.
  2. Hopefully tomorrow’s Covid up date will let us have 50 people out side. Thats a good number for us..Fingers crossed.
  3. CHANGE OF DATE. Hi guys. As of today’s announcement only 15 people out side. Not enough to make it work. . Looks like crowds of up to 50 people in a public place will be ok in January . SO CHANGE OF DATE. We are proposing to host The BBQ on the Sunday January 17th, 11.30am onwards . PM me for the Address. Pending any changes to the terms and conditions upplied buy the State Governme
  4. Sump Guard and fuel regulator. 126C6E09-2C4C-4556-A003-D95DC4292C80.MOV
  5. So I thought reading though some threads it’s hard to put it all into perspective what’s going on. A few short videos may make it easier to see what’s going on. So I’ll do my very amateur best to put some together. First one while it’s on the hoist , is what’s been done down under (underneath)
  6. Well it's taken some work. I was very nervous with the first start up close. Having put many hours hand building the motor all I wanted was oil pressure and for it to run. What a great day it's been in lockdown. VID20200328161858~2.mp4
  7. I’ll be there. Don’t forget the 8.00am start time.
  8. Hi guys, NDSOC and CSA have a drive to Noojee this Sunday. Early start time of 8.00am if any one is interested. start at Supercheap Lilydale carpark
  9. Page 12. Read from there. I recon I’ve covered most of what you are asking.
  10. Well I finally mounted the motor and gear box this weekend.. That’s probably the easiest part. I spent a lot of time putting the wiring harness and all plugins in the best possible positions. The headers as you can imagine take up a lot of engine bay room and some wiring is difficult to run. The next couple of weeks I’ll try and fit up tail shaft, exhaust system, steering column and all the other accessories.
  11. Hi guys. Some of you may remember Mallory from the Xmas bbq. Mallory and her partner Jay are good friends of mine. Both into cars and car events I invited them to join us. They arrived in Her beautiful Corvette.Mallory was taking heaps of pics and Video of our event and put together this video. Check it out and some of her other videos on you tube. https://malloryholley.com/2019/12/21/vic-z-car-20-xmas-bbq/
  12. After waiting for a new spigot bearing I installed the fly wheel, clutch and gearbox today
  13. It's been awhile. Finally finished the head's. I estimate about 70 hours. Fingers crossed they work. I made myself a tool to install the valve's. Made it much easier. So the motor is back together.
  14. What a good turnout. 9 cars and the weather was perfect. We saw lots of other car groups. Thanks to all the guys great chatting with you all at the Marysville Bakery.
  15. Drive days are back if anyone turns up. Hahaha. What a great title.
  16. Joël and I are in 100%. I have a roof and windscreen wipers. Bring it on. Farther and son , first drive day.
  17. Ok I’m still up for this. My sone Joel is also coming in his R31. If your car is not going and you still want to come. Just get to the start point and jump in another car. I will have room for one person.
  18. Sounds good to me. Fingers crossed for the weather.
  19. Still working on the head's. All shaping is done. Spent a few hours on the exhaust ports with 80 then 120 grit, long way to go. Then the inlets. So much fun .NOT! removed some alloy.
  20. Haha. Lots of questions. Might take me some time to answer that question, questions. My mate is in Lilydale and got the lume from the states.
  21. Still going on those heads. Finished the metal removal and shaping. Next will be the finished surface. Once I’ve finished my work on the heads I’ll send them to get resurfaced.
  22. I’ve been working on the heads, porting the intakes and matching the ports. Taking a lot longer than I thought. I’ve ordered some more Carbide burr tips. The Aluminium type cut through a lot quicker and take more material. So while waiting for the new tips I’ve started the rebuild on the bottom end. The pistons are back in, windage tray. I’ve had to adjust the length of the oil pick up to the new depth of the cut down sump. It’s going to hold 8 litres just touching the windage tray, plus the oil cooler and accumulator. I’ve marked the dip stick and recorded the depth per litres and a mark le
  23. Haha. The Chevy orange has already been taken care of. . There’s a fare bit of carbon build up on the pistons and in the heads. Got them soaking atm. The valve springs can be saved from the lower motor. Twin springs for bigger cam. the sump that’s come with the ls2 will fit and holds more litres than the other one. It’s a little deeper, to deep for ground clearance so I’ve taken a 20mm slice out and got my mate to re weld. Came up pretty good. Still 2 1/2 litres more oil. Total 7 1/2 lt
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