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  1. Fantastic thread Curtis, such a great idea to have this info up in front of our eyes. We all spend so much time discussing and speculating on what changed and when that having a fresh thread to follow and contribute to is tops, why haven't any of us "experts" thought of it? Ha ha. What if there was an informal local identifier of what we might call "Series one" cars being the first shipment that were rushed to market after being over ordered after release. Then perhaps, series two being between #500 and 1500 having hand throttle with choke. Something like that, suggestions please
  2. Hello there, are they sold? If not please call me on 0437 262143. cheers Zak
  3. I didn't know you bought it, didn't they put the price up after another so called expert told them the deal you made was too cheap? Did they know the deal had been made, that is just bad form. Anyway I am glad you persisted so it didn't just keep deteriorating in that shed, good on you. I know the way you bring them back to life in no time at all, get to it mate.
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