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5 stud conversion 280zx?


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ive seen them done but there's hardly any info about it :( i was just wondering if i could rip out all the steering components out of a r33 skyline, (the cv joints the rear CV's etc...) and place them on the 280zx??? instead of having the trouble of getting parts from different cars??

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Do a search on http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php for 260DET and you should come across some posts by Richard about his conversion.  I think he did S13 front and rear and it was a hell of a lot of work. 


You can do it with Z31 turbo components, rears being an easy swap the fronts a bit harder including lengthening of lower control arms by 25mm. 

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or try an easier option, modify existing stub axles, its not hard, but DONT just redrill them and have 2 of the 5 studs with barely 2mm of steel holding them in!!!


check out this post here:


or pic here:-



they were 260z stubs i did, would do again for the 280zx z31 4 stud or whatever is req'd.



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As suggested your best bet is to PM and ask him.  I'm pretty sure it's a full swap of the whole suspension, crossmembers and everything front and rear.  Have a good close look at the pics on the site Lurch posted (if you can get past Miss Canada  :P )


Why do you want to go 5-stud? 

If it's just for the availability of wheels it is not worth it, get a set of RBs!

If you want better brakes, there are other much simpler ways, including going the 5-stud z31, which I believe lets you upgrade to z32 brakes.



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