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l28et build 450 hp


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hey guys, i thought i would post my l28et build makes 450hp/720nm i think the head ran out of flow we try adding more boost it didnt do anything. The tuner said the rear housing is 2 small ".83"or the head won't flow no more 

l28 block F54 

stock l28 crank, spool rods. bored out to 88.5mm with kameari forged pistons , kameari damper 

p90 head 2mm mls headgasket the head been shaved two or 3 times

head is pretty stock apart from a very small port and polish, cooling mod and heavy duty valve springs kelford 225lb

the cam is a stock cam been grind to a sports cam

has all the new efi stuff  haltech 750, cas, ls1 coils, 1000cc injectors e85, g30-900

im looking at maybe porting the head abit more and installing a cam to see if it can hit the 500 hp

any advice would be appreciate  









259728050_2946239158957663_1809506285508742565_n (1).jpg



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