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WTB 280zx dizzy


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i am pretty sure mine has died

broken plastci bearing retainer and stator off centre, found ball bearing loose and magnetised to side of stator!

can this be repaired?

if not i am hoping to buy one in good running order

let me know


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hey guys

update to this, i found i had a spare dizzy, fitted it and have the exact same problem... misfiring on no2

also tried diff cap and rotor, and even tested and swapped lead to no2 with no change

but with the timing light i get signal through 1, 3,4,5,6, just nothing on2!

any ideas?

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thanks dude.... its got me stumped

unless i just lucked out and both dizzys have the same prob.

but i guess if they both have the same issue, its further back? the coil is almost brand new though (GT40)

but def the first one has collapsed. i pulled it apart a bit more and the half circle of plastic retainer and ball came out. so now basically the stator jams the rotor

i still have an old points dizzy... but no resistor type coil. how much of a danger would it be to run the points dizzy without resistor? or run the resistor with the GT40?

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hey everyone

well going to put my hand up for being a bit daft

after all that it appears if a plug has failed you dont get to signal down a lead... i assume because it has no ground?

in any case problem solved.. car is back running on all 6!

lesson learned... and maybe valuable for someone else

BTW the plug "looks" fine... i guess they can be deceiving. in the bin it goes!

thanks god for a bank of spares!

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