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Which Sealant To Use For Muffler?


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the story is that i have a NOS exhaust pipe, but have had to get an aftermarket muffler. the size doesn't quite match but about 3mms.

the bloke at truefit expanded the pipe with one of these hydraulic jaws. he then and  said to use the permatex high temp grey silicone,

but either this one



anyone used any of them?

the joint is going to be secured by a standard u-clamp. i'm thinking that the silcone based paste will a bit more flexible, whereas the other paste dries rock hard and may crumble

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I use the Permatex Ultra Copper in any joins that have any movement.

But in straight muffler to pipe connections I use the cement.


Both work very, but the cement will not copy with movement.





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