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Datsun 240z - for sale


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Hi All,

I’m selling my Datsun 240Z (HS-30 00700). I have owned the car for approx 10 years and was last registered in the ACT about 3 years ago.

I purchased the car after it was fully restored and have only added a few thousand K’s. The car came without an engine so i purchased an engine from Stuart Wilkinson Motorsport. Including triple Webber carbies, extractors, exhaust. ( L26 bored to L28 beautiful sound at full song)

The car is canary yellow and currently has mini lite wheels and new tires.  To be open the car does have some minor scratches and minor dents due to some reckless teenagers in my garage. It is also missing some interior parts. (radio, radio console, original seats. Dash is beautiful with all gauges working including the clock. Seats have been replaced with aftermarket sparco buckets. I requested at the time of purchase that the roof lining be removed so that i could be sure no sun roof had been installed. ( hence no roof lining) The car has been engineered in the ACT ( Seats, engine wheels) I’m open to advice and expressions of interest. Car is not currently for sale elsewhere.


I have now decided to sell. Offers over $20k will be considered.



Happy to discuss further




Cheers Phill





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Hard to give advice on it's value without seeing photos of it.


It is an early 240z and their values are going up. There is 2 thread here that will give you an idea on values I'd say.





Please read through those to give you a sense of where your car might sit.


Also you likely have the car insured right? What's it's insured value? Obviously that's what it's worth to you. Or are you fishing for a high price?

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Ill try and post some pics tonight.


I had the car insured through shannons several years ago at an agreed value( based on photos i sent them) for $17K........that was without the new wheels and tyres

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Thats 2 canberra 240's in 1 week leaving...our stocks are depleting !


So you had about 10 to start with that leaves about 8 right?

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