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  1. Thanks 72240z and Andbir for your suggestions, both are very helpful, I got the four bleeder nipples out by mixing in equal parts ATF and brake fluid, put it into a squirt bottle, put it in the freezer for a couple of hours to get it very cold, then carefully apply heat with a gas torch ( I got from Bunnings $40) then while the nipple was still very hot, spray liberally with your oil mixture ( I did this twice) then locked on a pair of 6” vice grips and they all came out easy, the oil had gone down onto the threads during the expansion contraction process making the nipple easy to get out, I was mindful of not using too much heat and killing the caliber seals ... cheers cruza
  2. Hi Craig, pm sent, think I need a 3.9 complete assembly and your bank details
  3. Hi Craig, pm sent, think I need a 3.9 complete assembly and your bank details
  4. Change password

  5. cruza

    Wtb Cassette Deck

    Not the 8 track, just the standard cassette type...cheers
  6. cruza

    Wtb Cassette Deck

    Ha,ha, my bad, showing my age again, mabe i should have said cassette player. I have sent a message to daniel in kedron a couple of days ago but i'm waiting for a reply. Thanks for the pointers, if i come up empty handed i will give the yank link a go.........cheers
  7. cruza

    Wtb Cassette Deck

    i'm looking for a cassette deck to go in my '82 280zx..........cheers
  8. I recently got one from the states, landed here, reco Cardone dizzy for my 280 for $170.00 no core swap required. Can't fault mine, goes great
  9. Gee, Thats so backward, that its actually flaming hilarious, i might recommend our new import offishals for a half hour comedy slot on tv, it would be a winner
  10. Well I feel sorry for the govt "persons" who lie awake at night thinking this crap up, and actually think they are doing a good job at protecting us poor lowly not very smart australian citizens from ourselves, how misguided can it get?
  11. PM sent to PB Thanks for all suggestions, Just to recap, New Dizzy and cap,leads and plugs, timing done, compression on all cyl between 155 and 165 psi, new fuel regulator @36 psi, unmolested AFM fitted, all injector leads tested, all vacuum and fuel lines plus fuel filter replaced, cold start injector disconnected for the moment, new intake manifold gasket fitted (old one failed the wd40 spray test) From cold it turns over once, starts, and idles, and is still a bit rich, AND it still has a slight miss on one cylinder, so now i think its down to a bad injector or ECU.........I'm now bald, with a alcohol dependancy problem, but i still love my Datto.
  12. cruza

    Wtb Afm For 280Zx Efi

    Old one in the bin, replacement one ready to go on........thanks to zeds4ever
  13. Had an old valiant that used to do just that, drove me totally nuts for two months, turned out to be bottom radiator hose had a spring inside it to stop said hose from collapsing (sucking together). The spring died from old age and the hose got soft and the spring then partially blocked the water movement. If you dont have that problem a TEMPORARY cure for me would be the old torana XU-1 trick of cutting out the center of an old thermostat (sounds like you might have a couple lying around) and fitting that, pick one with the smallest center to cut out as the idea is to slow the water down enough for the cooling process to happen but still run warm enough that its not a pig to drive. This is a quick fix only while you sort thru the other possibilities, but it will work and take the pressure off(no pun intended).
  14. Hi, I am looking for a AFM for a 280ZX with stock settings to replace mine that i am happily going to smash into little pieces and toss it......thanks
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