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  1. Ok, thanks for that but at this time I have decided to eliminate the need for a three way set up and disconnect the water flow to the carbs.
  2. Hi Have you still got any of the three way coolant pipes for a 260z to sell?
  3. Hi sent you a message on messenger.


  4. redzee

    260z Brake Drum

    Wanted to buy 260z Brake Drum only, but need it to be suitable for RWC.
  5. I have attempted to contact him by Gumtree email and phone but no luck.
  6. Sorry about that, it is a 2 seater. I am looking at the option of using a 2 + 2 hatch and cutting it up to cut up and use as repair panel bits, if that is viable.
  7. Thanks AndBir I have left a message to contact me. We will see what happens.
  8. I am after a rear hatch bare to suit a 260z, 2 seater. Would prefer clean minimum rust. What have you got?
  9. Go to Clark Rubber and buy strip rubber of the width and thickness required, shape and glue on.
  10. I am after four rear hatch bolts with washers recessed type.
  11. Well I have taken some pics and the description of the set up is the retractable unit is bolted to the top of the rear strut on a bracket. The belt is fed through loop in a metal bracket that is bolted to the roof and under the side window. Then it is secured to the floor behind the seat. To fasten the belt it is drawn across the torso and fastened to a stork that is bolted to the transmission tunnel.
  12. I am after the driver side retractable seat belt complete with stork and associated parts working or not. It appears that I will not need all bits as I am looking at replacement. However I would like to use the metal guide bar in the new seat belt makeup so I need the drivers side metal guide if any one has one and that should get me out of trouble.
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