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  1. Would this product be UV resistant? We have a pretty harsh climate here in Aus.
  2. New one http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/Nissan-S30-Fairlady-Z-horn-button-NOS-Datsun-240Z-/400648586775
  3. Thanks oldmates260z, I'll follow up with this lead
  4. Hi George, Have you received the loom back yet?
  5. Hi guys, I'm after a wiring loom for a 240z 73mdl. Unfortunately, over the year, the harness has been hacked to the point its no longer usable. :-\ I did consider making one from scratch or buying the painless kit, but would prefer to have a complete one to guide me if I was to go down this path. Let me know what you have. Cheers, Sam
  6. Just updated my post. I need the lens and the housing.
  7. Hi, Does anyone have any spare 240Z front L+R indicators that they are willing to part with? Clear or Orange indicator.... which ever you have I need the lens and the housing. Cheers, Sam
  8. cool no probs. Has anyone here done any engines with "Lewis Engines"?
  9. Hi all, Being a complete novice at this, I came across this engine combination. http://www.lewisengines.com.au/l-26-28-engine-packages/?page_context=category&faceted_search=0 Forgetting what it costs, what's the advantage in this combination (L26/28 combo)? Thanks Sam
  10. Are the rough prices above include labor?
  11. hmmm noted about CX Racing kit. Guess you get what you pay for... might wait a little longer to buy the kit McKinney kit since the AU$ is going so bad. In regards to the gearbox mount, were there any modifications needed when bolting the McKinney mount to the S30 body? Or was it a straight bolt on?
  12. Hi all, Finally decided to put a RB on the 240z Being reading up a few threads and most people seem to be using the mckinney motorsports kits. However, I came across another kit today by CXRacing and wondering if anyone has used them and comment about the quality of their product. CX Racing Kit - Engine Mount - Transmission Mounts - Aluminium Oil Pan - Oil Pickup All for $905 delivered. http://www.amazon.com/CXRacing-RB25DET-Engine-Transmission-Mount/dp/B00FF3FJEO?tag=viglink20591-20 McKinney Kit - Engine Mount + Transmission Mounts $600 - Aluminium Oil Pan $875 http://mckinneymotorsports.com/prod_240+260+280Z+parts Thanks in advance.
  13. No longer for sale. My friend volunteered his garage for me to store the car for few months... So going to hold on to it for a while longer...
  14. Originally from SA. Don't know much about its race history sorry.
  15. Hi Guys, I thought I offer here for an enthusiast before I list it any where else So I'm selling it as I don't have anywhere to store it as I've moved out my current house and don't have any decent undercover storage. Model: 240z Required Location: Melbourne Required Price: Offer Payment Conditions: Cash in hand Item Condition: Good Body: Rust on dog leg, but have replacement planel Mechanical: Rolling Shell, engine installed (2.6ltr) Registration: NA Extra Info: - Ex race car with CAMS book (I have to find it) - Full Cams approved roll cage - Upgraded to Disk brakes - MSD ignition - Iginition kill switch - Bucket seat with 5-point racing harness (Cams approved) - Brand new Exedy clutch - Watanabe wheels - Koni lowered Suspension Contact Details: PM or txt/phone 0411 328 520
  16. evolutionise

    WTB Flywheel

    Hey Mate... Try these guys from the forum 240Z_au luvemfast Cheers, Sam
  17. Thanks Alan. Much appreciate it
  18. Hmmm good pick. I didn't even notice. I forgot my old account I created n had to crate a new one. But guess my laptop remembered my old account info. Anyways, my postcode is 3805.
  19. Hi Alan, Is the front rod you have shorter than 57cm and from a two seater? If so, I'm deffinately interested. Cheers Sam
  20. Hi Guys, Running out of room in my garage... so cleaning out some wheels and tyres.... Item 1: Size: 235/45 R17 Brand: Yellowsea? QTY: 2 Price: up for offers... need them gone Item 2: Size: 225/45 R17 Brand: APEC QTY: 3 (3 Wheels only) Price: up for offers... need them gone PM me or msg me on 0411 328 520 Sam
  21. Just measured it... its about 57cm tip to tip. I'm sure that this would be from a 2+2....
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