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  1. Looks beautiful James. Your plans sound great. Regards Peter
  2. Thanks James, I very much appreciate that you made sure it was a relatively painless transaction for me too. I must admit I was pleased and relieved when I got word you made it back to Adelaide with no dramas. That car never let me down and I had taken it on longer trips than that, however you never know what will happen with a 40 year old car. I would have felt really bad if you were stuck somewhere along the way. Thanks to all on the forum for your advice and guidance over the years, I have made a small donation in appreciation of the website's role in selling the car. I wish you all good health and good luck. Regards Peter
  3. I can confirm I have taken a deposit on the car, so it looks like it is sold. Thank you to all those that showed an interest in the car. Good luck in your endeavours to find the right car for you. The new purchaser is already a member of this forum and I trust that they will make themselves known to all soon. I hope that they have as much help and assistance from the members of this forum that I have been so fortunate to have. Thank you. Regards Peter
  4. Thanks everone for the comments. I have had to think long and hard about selling, though I am sure I have made the right decision. My current circumstances make it too hard to keep it. I cleaned it up yesterday and checked it out looking for rust, taking photos etc. Also took it for a drive which made me realise what I will be missing. I still get a lot of enjoyment out of it, but can't keep using it as a daily driver, so I keep it in the garage and my new daily is then in the weather which is not good either, have to get the ice off most mornings before I drive to work! Anyway nice day here when my domestic duties are complete I am going for a drive again - while I can. Regards Peter
  5. Model: 1973 240z 5 speed manual L24 Engine (compliance plate shows 9/73) Location: Wodonga Vic Item condition: Until recently reliable daily driver, I retired it from this role as it was too hard on the car. Body: I can honestly say I haven't found any rust problems with this car. Purchased car from rust free Canberra off the original owner in 2007. The paint is not great, there are patches on the roof that have recently developed where the clear coat is lifting (one of the reasons I stopped driving it to work and left it in the garage). Colour: Silver with red interior (very nice combination in my opinion!) Mechanical: Mechanically reasonable/daily driver standard. L24 Engine/E88 cylinder head. Manual Transmission Since I have owned it I have replaced: seat belts; steering rack bushes; rear wheel bearings; rear wheel brake cylinders; clutch slave cylinder and hose; Front diff mount; and rear gearbox mount. I had the harmonic balancer pulley reconditioned. Fitted a 280ZX distributor and coil, fitted new distributor carrier bearing assembly and vac advance unit. Head gasket recently replaced due to oil leak down side of the block. I also recently replaced the radiator with 3 row aluminium one (I still have the original radiator however the top tank was leaking) The Diff has been reconditioned by a fitter friend with new bearings and seals (used to be very noisy). There are lots of other things I have done it is hard to remember them all, I took the fuel tank out and replaced the rotted out fuel breather, replaced the welsh plugs in the inlet manifold and cleaned all the muck out of the manifold and lots of other little clean up bits. Suspension: This area needs work, the original springs sag, however I have a lowered set I bought from Dimitri that will go with the car, similarly the struts are shot and need replacing. Car comes with some spares: original distributor, coil, ballast resistor, original radiator (top tank leaks at seam). Price and Payment Conditions: Offers around $12300 negotiable. It is hard to settle on a price. Shannon's have insured the car for $12300 agreed value. I think that is a good start point and am keen to get some where close to that amount. However I know the market is not what it was a couple of years ago and also that the car needs some work as it is, but you have to ask how much would it sell for if it was perfect? probably close to double what I want. Therefore I am very open to reasonable offers, however I am motivated to sell but not desperate and can hold on to it for a bit if I can't get any decent offers. I would just probably have to drive it back to Townsville and store it there - at least I know it would make it as it has done that trip before. Registration: Currently has Vic rego until mid Jul 13. I have done nothing about getting a roadworthy, will need suspension work and some tidying up to get one. Extra Info: I am the second owner of this car, it is not perfect and is not heavily modified (even has the original AM radio) but it has a great old school look and I have driven it for over 26000 miles with very little trouble. Why am I selling; I am about to go into my fourth year separated from my family, they are in Townsville, I work in Victoria, hence I spend any reasonable lengths of spare time in Townsville and don't get to work on the car. Using it as a daily driver was just running the car down and I don"t have the space or all of my tools etc here to work on it even if I did have the time. I am happy to provide any prospective buyers with the info they require. If you are genuinely interested my preferred way to answer questions is by PM: I am prepared to disclose all I know about the cars condition I do not want to rip anyone off. I apologise for the lack of photos, I have a very slow internet connection here which makes uploading photos difficult, I will try to add more later. Last point remember price is negotiable. Thanks Regards Peter
  6. Has anyone seen this 240Z? http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/melbourne-cbd/cars-vans-utes/1971-datsun-240z-coupe-rare-hs30-build-number-261/1016045641 Regards Peter
  7. Happy birthday Dimitri, Thanks for all the work you do and all the help you offer others. You young guys have so much energy. Regards Peter
  8. Thanks all for the suggestions I do have the "How to restore your Datsun Z car book' and a workshop manual. I will be away most of this week and will give it plenty of thought while I am away. Regards Peter
  9. To answer these questions - like I suspect most of us I always need more money! however my family won't starve or be on the street if I don't sell so no the money is not an urgent concern. The thought of not being able to replace the car is what has prevented me from parting with it all along. Trouble is lately I have been looking at it and seeing not a really pretty timeless classic that is a lot of fun. I have instead been seeing a car I have been reying on as a daily driver that is not the most convienient, comfortable or efficient with lots of things that need to be fixed and not much time to achieve it. Good point about not pulling it apart too much and not being able to get it back together. I will be honest, I have done a fair bit of work on this car myself but I am not the most competent mechanic in the world and this has always held me back a little, the fact is that I needed the car to keep going so I could drive it to work. Couldn't afford to stuff it up and have it off the road for too long. Regards Peter
  10. Thanks everyone for all of the good suggestions. I am starting to think about what really needs to be done, maybe it is not as much as I think. The good Motor, gearbox, diff, cooling system all fine, rear wheel bearings, clutch slave cylinder and radiator were replaced not so long ago, ignition system was upgraded to 280ZX distributor & coil (with new distributor carrier bearings & vacuum advance unit) The car body is really quite good, no rust I am aware of - however paint clear coat on roof is going patchy. The diff has been rebuilt in my time and the diff mounts replaced, also replaced rear gearbox mount. Work I need to do that I am already aware of I know it needs new struts and springs, I have the springs and just need the struts. I suspect when I check out the front end it will need new bushes throughout the only bushes I have replaced in my time were the steering rack bushes about six years ago. Most probably needs tie rod ends etc. Would like to change the front wheel bearings - no idea how long these have been in there. Need to check out brakes, been a while since I checked disk pads & rear linings. I reckon the uni joints on the half shafts need changing I think that is the whirring sound when moving really slowly (parking the car etc) The interior needs a tidy up, though the seats were recovered not long after I bought it and are still good. Need new door seals, rear window needs resealing - though I have a new seal. The door windows need new channel rubbers and felt etc. The bulb holders for the dash lights keep falling out - may need to be replaced. Need to make the interior light work again. Also reckon I need a new speedo cable. Hey, The more I look at it maybe not so bad, just needs to be off the road for a well earned refresh! This has been a good exercise. I think I will get the struts/springs done first as the ride is awful with stuffed struts and sagging springs. I will see how big an improvement this makes then re assess. Thanks all Regards Peter
  11. Thanks all, I am really glad I made this post this morning, there are some very good ideas already. I like the club rego idea, maybe do that and leave the car here in Victoria for now. What is the process to get it on club rego however? and how hard is it to do? Lynton's suggestion to look at the car in areas also makes sense. Now I don't need the car to get to work etc I can take my time to pull each area apart one at a time, thoroughly inspect it and make the necesary repairs/improvements. I am starting to feel better about this. Thanks again for the advice. Regards Peter
  12. Hi Retro Z, Thanks for the suggestion, another option to consider. I don't know much about club rego. Do I get it in Victoria then take it to QLD? Trouble is as I get to Townsville infrequently I am really busy when I am there trying to catch up on house maintenance, getting the youngests learner drivers hours up etc. Chances are car won't get too much attention while I am there. Regards Peter
  13. Hi, I have been using my 240z as a daily driver for the last six years. I have been increasingly concerned that this meant it was out driving around in all weather and the wear and tear is really showing particularly on the steering and suspension, as well as paintwork deterioration etc. For the last two and a half years I have been splitting my time between working mainly in the Wodonga area and visiting my family in Townsville when I can. This has obviously made me a little time poor and I must be honest there are other reasons, mainly motivation and perhaps lack of confidence in my ability. Anyway I have found I am not getting the work done on the car that I would like to. As all of this has been playing on my mind I decided to get another car and leave the 240Z in the garage and think about plans for it for a while. Yesterday I put down the deposit on a 2004 Nissan Pulsar sedan, it is very plain and ordinary but will do me for a while and I am sure it will be a better daily driver proposition particularly as we head into winter. I now need to decide what to do with the 240Z. These are my options as I see them: 1. Keep the 240Z in the garage in Wodonga and do some work on it on the weekends I am in Victoria. At least this way I can pull it apart slowly and see what needs to be done, order the parts and get it back together. Disadvantages to this plan as I see it are I won't have long periods available to work on it, long weekends, annual holidays etc I spend in Townsville. The other disadvantage is I won't be doing a complete rebuild - for a 40 year old car to do it properly it really would need ground up rebuild. Also my old person Pulsar will be out in the cold - but I have a car cover. 2. Give the car a complete check over and drive it back to Townsville and put it in the garage at the family home, de-register it and leave it until retirement - 5 plus years away. Then I will have time to play with the car and do a better job. Disadvantages, hopefully my wife will be able to join me in a year or so once the youngest is settled, when this happens will rent home in Townsville and can't keep 240Z there anymore. Other disadvantage is that this will push my sons car outside and I will need a shade sail at least for him to park his car under. 3. Option three, bite the bullet and admit it is currently beyond me and sell the car on to someone that can do more with it. Although I have come close to doing this before it pains me to think of this and I will leave it in the garage and think long and hard before I decide on it. My two sons would be disappointed as well. I am sure others have been faced with similar concerns and it will be interesting to hear other perspectives on this situation, maybe I am too close to the situation and am losing sight of the obvious solutions? Regards Peter
  14. I check my fuel consumption with every tank refill. My 240z generally uses in the low 12lt/100km range (12.02lt/100 last check) that is driving 13km each way to work , which is a mix of town & rural driving and I drive it short trips around town shopping etc. I do sometimes have a heavy foot as well! My car is fairly stock, Hitachi round top carbies, electronic ignition and E88 head it does have a reground cam shaft though I don't know the exact grind. I have recorded as low as 8.86lt to the 100km mark with pure highway driving. Regards Peter
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