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1970 240Z Track Car - damaged


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After my efforts at the lakeside 50th Anniversary meeting and the end result, which has been discussed elsewhere, it's time to put the car and all my spares up for sale.


The car is located in Brisbane, and inspections can be arranged to view the car and spares package.


I am only selling as I haven't the time or resources to rebuild the car. The front left corner is very bent with serious, but repairable damage to the radiator support, inner guard, chassis rail and firewall and floor on the left side. The car should be able to be straightened and pulled back into shape, but you would need to get the car looked at for yourself to make that decision.


For me, the cost of rebuilding is too much compared to building a new more modern car that will be a lot quicker out of the box than a 40 year old Z could be for Production Sports Cars. Having said that the car would make a great track or hill climb weapon, I have Natsoft results showing i can consistentaly lap Lakeside in the low 62's with a quickest time of 61.6 on old slicks on a 45 degree day in february this year. It is very easy to drive and if you need another opinion, Jason (dat2kman) has driven the car around morgan Park. The motor was built for torque more than outright power and the drive out of corners is incredible, it pulls better than a 14 year old schoolboy from about 3000 up to around 7000.


I have owned the car for over 15 years, first racing in the NSW state series, where the car took out out the 1997 NSW Marque Sports driver's Championship and was a consistent top 5 car. I had a ten year brake from racing from 1999 to 2009 with sporadic outings at hill climbs and selected race meetings. In 2011 for my first full season in a long time the car was a consistent top 5 car around lakeside in the PSCRAQ championship, and after 3 rounds in the 2011 series was sitting in 2nd place for the 2B championship.


I have attached a couple of pics of how it sits now in the garage showing most of the damage.


The car will be offered for sale as a job lot with all spares included until September 30 before I consider separating.


The price for the full package, which is the car and all spares, collected over the years to run the car in Production Sports, is $10,000 as is where is. I am only advertising the car here and have also given this info to the Z car club of Qld.


If a few of you banded together to take bits and pieces that is fine, but if it is to be done at the discounted price for the job lot, payment is to be made for the full amount at the one time and the car and bits collected preferable together.


After September 30 the car and all parts and spares bits will be offered at the following:


Bare shell and cage, suitable for rear cut and turret $3,500

Sparce Evo Seat – FIA Approved, (new price $1100) $500 keeping the seat as it's too comfy for my bargearse to let go

260Z gear box    $500

Race engine, complete ready to run, built by Jim Milliner, 195rwhp, complete with Haltech F9 computer and wiring harness. 7 events old, approximately 20 hours running time, dyno sheet available $5,000

Front brakes – Wilwood Dynalite calipers with brand new in box Hawk DT60 compound pads $500

Rear brakes – Saab 2 piston rotors, no handbrake provision $100 sold pending payment

Springs – Lovells 420lb/inch front $100

Springs – Lovells 400lb/inch rear $100 Sold pending payment

Rear suspension, struts and arm, not including shocks, modified spring seats $250 sold pending payment

Front struts, not including shocks, left condition unknown $50

Koni Shock Absorbers, adjustable. Sold as set, can be revalved to suit different applications $300 sold pending payment

Personal Suede Steering Wheel, including boss $250

Rear hatch – steel no glass $100 sold


Diffs R180’s

Welded 4.1:1 with drive shafts $200 sold pending payment

Welded 4.875:1 with drive shafts $200 sold

Open 3.9:1 $50 sold

Open 4.6:1 $150 sold


Simmons OM18, 18x8 -2mm offset x4, 1 outer rim needs repair. (With outer repaired - $1,800) $1,200 sold

Oz Wheels 3 piece rims, 18x8 -2mm offset x4, Rims need to be serviced, ie pulled apart and reassembled and resealed $800

Performance Challengers, 15x7 +10mm offset x4, comes with custom made wheel nuts to suit $400

Performance 5 spoke rims 15x7.5 +5mm? offset complete with wheel nuts to suit $400 sold pending payment


L28 Long motor assembled, N42/N42 combination for rebuild $500

L28 Long motor assembled, N42/F54 combination for rebuild $500

N42 head – bare standard. Comes with cam towers $250

133mm Rods for stroker motor, good condition from my previous race motor $200

Miscellaneous – may be added to

Fuel surge system, complete with pot, FI pump and low pressure pump $300sold

1" brake Master cylinder                $150

Clutch master and slave cylinders                    $50

Clutch assembly, sprung button centre custom made for application, $1300 new, seven events old          $500

Fibreglass rear "BRE/Nissan" bob tail            $50 sold pending payment

3 piece RX7 Group C Bird bath spoiler modified to fit 240Z, will need tidy up            $100

Full set of standard gauges, all still working except clock.                  $100


Total $17,350


The above table is included as an attachment for easier reading.


Initial contact is to be by PM and I will give you my phone number to discuss further or provide more information on specs or parts.





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Hi Matt,


Geez that's sad to hear, especially after 15 years with that car. Then again time enough for somethng newer!


I have seen this car a few times and it looks the business, could be a great project to get into racing for someone.




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As a matter of interest what is the chassis number? Goodluck with the sale.


From memory it was about 1170 or so, but would have to check the log book. It is an early shell, but fitted with later hatch.


hmm thats kinda sad :(. I could probably use it but dont have the money atm. Shame that you gonna give up on it though. still plenty you can do to them.

Anyway I wish you the best of luck in the sale.


Not giving up on racing, just for the category i race in a Z isn't really competitive. For the money to build a new Z from scratch to do the times mine did I can build a Silvia for a lot less and go 4-5 seconds a lap quicker around Lakeside.


I have had some interest in individual parts, but would prefer to sell as the package to get a clean start on the new car. As PM's come in I am notifying the senders if they are the first second or third in line for the part of interest and also reminding them that if the package sells they will miss out.


For those of you from down south, It would be easier to club together and get the package deal and then fight like seagulls over a hot chip for the bits you want. Delivery may be able to be arranged for the price of a one way trailer hire and petrol money depending on when the car is to be delivered.


Alternatively, the car could be picked up no problems from my place, so a fun weekend road trip could be in order.


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This really is a solid package - if you had a shell already you couldn't rebuy the parts for anything close to that.


I was trying to twist a lot of members arms at CiJ over the weekend to do a group buy :P

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  • 2 weeks later...

Matt , my young bloke wants first option on the Sparco seat, and I,m interested in the smallish rims 15" hobbies, that is if the package as a whole isn't taken.


Others you had better start putting your hands up for the parting out, if it happens.


James Flett in Sydney may want the rear half cut for Chris Grey's Z he bent it at Easyern creek a month ago, pushed in and over some 12"

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So is this being parted out?


I might be interested in the suspension and or brakes if you work out a combined price.


Will be traveling down to brissy in September.


Some pics would be great if you can put some up.



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A bit of an update, there has been plenty of interest in specific parts. And those who have messaged me with their list know where in line they are.


There has been some interest in the package, but no dollars yet. After leaving it in the  garage for a few weeks, I have had another quick look at the car and it looks like it would pull out ok on a rack. Hopefully my panel beater will be able to see it ok the next week or so.


Also, if It is sold as a package to be used as a competition car the log  book can be included. This means the cage will still be compliant with the shell.

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For zedevan, here is a video of the Zed at it's shakedown run last August at QR, before we went to Morgan Park for the one hour enduro.


Apparently I jagged fastest time of the day, not bad for making sure everything was working right.  :D


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For those asking about the engine, i managed to dig up the Dyno sheet from when it was first tuned when the motor was built in May 2010.


The motor made 195rwhp and 212ft/lb of torque, with both power and torque curves relatively flat, basically the motor is like an old truck motor in that it is lazy, but it does pull better than a 14 year old school boy.


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  • 2 weeks later...

The deadline has passed with no one stumping up the cash to buy the whole lot so it's all up for grabs and to be parted out. let the vultures start circling.........


Those of you who have sent me a PM for bits will be offered the parts requested in the order of receipt. To be fair to me and others who may also want the bits, I would appreciate a quick response if you want or don't want them. I reckon 3 days is plenty and then the next person on the list will be offered the part(s) of interest.


A couple of other conditions:

[*]No lowballing - what the stated price is is what I want for the part and I reckon I'm being more than reasonable going by the interest shown in the various bits

[*]delivery is on top of the price and for you to organise, I may be able to get the part to a depot or to the post office, but preferred option is pick up

[*]Payment by bank deposit or cash on pick up, if by bank deposit i will PM bank details, the bits won't leave my hands until the dollars are in my hands



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Shame about the car Matt ... that's a real heartbreaker  :'(

I'd love some of your bits but finance dictates restraint atm.

What's the story with the F54/N42 combo?


It's just a long motor I picked up as a spare for the race motor. I have two L28 long motors that were being kept as spares to replace my block when it was ready for the next rebuild.


Condition is unknown as it wasn't important to me as the block would be taken out to 3mm pretty well as soon as I was going to use it and i was going to use the head from my current race motor.

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The vultures are circling.....


The Simmons are gone, pending payment, which I know will be soon.

The rear suspension, rear brakes, 4.1 diff and the Koni yellows are also gone pending payment.


I haven't alot of time at the moment, but I will be getting through to everyone who has messaged me for parts. I will get photos done of the parts this weekend as I pull the rear end out and get the car ready to pull the motor and box out as well as finish stripping the interior.


Check the first post for the update of whats gone and PM if you are interested in any bits. I will let you know where you sit on the list for anything and as I pull bits off and find other items will be updating the first post.


the sooner the carcass is gone, the sooner I can buy the new toy and the less chance the dollars get siphoned off for stupid things like blinds and painting the house.......( my missus better not see this or I am in a world of hurt and pain!!!!)

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Front page updated, diffs look to be gone.


There are plenty of other bits as well as the big ticket items.


The motor/clutch/box all combined would make a very cheap bolt in upgrade that will make any Z get your attention. The engine will come complete, balancer (doesn't have a fan) to flywheel with all manifolds, including turbo inlet manifold ( I haven't seen another one with this casting number and the runners are slightly longer than the standard manifolds, plus the throttle is 63mm diamter), hand built extactors by penrith Muffler Man, computer, Haltech F9, with complete harness and the motor runs a recurved electronic dizzy (mech advance only).


gearbox is a 260 box with the better ratios, and 2nd gear syncro is a bit graunchy if you change too quick. It's been like that since it was put in the car and if you don't smash through the gears it isn't a problem. I have had the box in that condition through at least seven documented seasons of racing and I haven't worried about it as a slow change from 1st to 2nd negates the need for synchros anyway.


If any one wants other bits not listed let me know and I'll get back to you on what I have and haven't got.



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A quick update,


the welded diffs are sold and the 4.6 is spoken for.


The simmons wheels are back on the market and wouldlook great on a 240 or 260.


The rest of the car is still up for grabs, so if you need something let me know and I may have it, but there is not a lot of interior bits as it was a fully stripped race car built to 2A rules.


Matt, wishing this would sell so I can get the new toy I have been approved for by the financial controller :D

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For those who have asked about the damage to the Simmons rim, attached is a photo. More can be sent if required.


The one outer is the only part that sustained any damage in the hit, so a relative easy fix to get some iconic wheels at a bargain price. The only reason I am selling them is that I will be going to a five stud setup with the new car and the wheels are not designed to be redrilled for 5 stud fitment.


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