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My Custom CV Conversion using 4x4 axles

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I have been playing with CV setups for the rear of my zed.


For those of you have visit hybridz you might have seen my post about using some other Nissan axles (linked below for reference)





And I posted about it here too



Anyway I spend some time today in the garage play around again this time with the 5x1 setup. As I already have some companion flanges (purchased a few years back from modern-motorsports.com - the billet Z31 setup) for the 300ZXT 4x1 setup.


I started all this as I have a new LSD that came from a short nose R200 that requires/came with the little plug in axles with the C-Clip on them (not retained in the diff like most of the longnose stuff)


Anyway this new LSD (not Viscous by the way - but this axles setup could work with VLSD from a short nose) is the 5x1 type and as I had already tested the 3x2 for length so I needed to know if the 5x1 will also work.


We have found that 300zxt axles are still a little too long even with the cage flipped to gain some extra compression to stop binding. We found we had to still grind the end of the shaft. So in the end we had some custom shafts made for the shorter side and used the old short side on the long side (swapping over the correct diff input CV). The stock 300zxt short axle fully compressed is 409.5mm from mounting point to the seal face. Our new custom axles (with new shaft installed) is 400mm. So I wanted to find a solution that I could use/create with stock parts from another Nissan.


So my target is an axle when assembled with all the parts would come in around 400mm from the companion flange mounting face to the seal mounting face when compressed and using the plugin 5x1 or 3x2 axles (depending on your centre requirements ie S15 R200 HLSD have 3x2 plugins - so this is what I tested these too in case I get a HLSD from a S15 later)


If you check the pics I posted in this thread (I will link here again) you will see that the 3x2 setup = 395mm approx







So I tested today the 5x1 setup and it again comes in a 395mm fully compressed. So all good on that front.


Ok so now the issues. I will be installing the (in my case) the 4x1 300zxt on the end of the shaft that would normally have the wheel end of the 4x4 CV. Although these share the same spline and diameter the race is slightly different (I will get some pics tomorrow) as the 4x4 CV has a more tapered lead in the race slides onto the shaft more allow the C-Clip on the shafts to lock the race onto the shaft. With the 300zxt race on the shaft there is enough shaft sticking out to replicate the Sir-Clip setup on 5x1 race end. Or I could remove the stop and cut another grove into the shaft and install a C-Clip to stop the race a little bit further down the shaft - and allow the race to pass the c-clip on the shaft.


So what do you guys recommend?


Next week I will get the shafts modified so I can reassemble the axles next weekend and have another job ticked of the list :) If I did not have the 4x1 companion flanges already I would have made the axles with 5x1 at both ends and them had a custom companion flange made. The main reason for doing the 5x1 at both ends is that these CV can still be purchase new (from Nissan and other aftermarket CV suppliers) unlike the 4x1 300zxt units.


So if this all works out in theory it should be possible to order stock parts, mod the shaft, assemble the axles and then just made the companion flange then you can use your 5x1 plug-in or 3x2 plug-in sourced from a shortnose R200 ie S13/14/15, Z32, R32/33, A31/32 etc and thus opening up the option of using a number of after market shortnose LSD centres that can be installed into the long nose with spacers for the M10 to M12 or M13 (or if you are lucky and have the last of the R200 sourced from Z31/R31 etc that already have the M12 crown wheel)


I will update this thread as I progress this conversion - however it will be some months before I will be able to road test this as the car is still a body shell at the bro's workshop (getting panel finished now :) )



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cool another way to skin a sheep. (oops didnt mean to say that cause u from NZ) but you know the saying.


ive done similar except my 300zxZ31/skyline DR30 RS turbo shafts fitted.


though the difference on mine is i didnt use the companion flange converter. ive installed the 300zx axle with the 300zx companion flange.


so my shafts the cage was rotated like yours and regroved to give more clearances and to stop the binding.


to do that i had to rebore the 260z hubs by 1mm or so to fit metric bearings. option two is to turn down the axle to fit imperial bearings. but i opted for the first as i didnt want to weaken the axle.


at the same time this gave me my 5stud pattern. also cut the 300zx caliper mount which bolted up to the 260z hub. used 300zx turbo rear rotors and calipers. so all done in one hit.


i was looking at the companion flanges from modern but though it was bit to expensive and there was another easier way of doing it.


here are some pics. though still havent updated it with the shaft and the whole thing bolted up.



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that short axle was of 4x4 pathfinder?


i did look at that as well but issue was finding the shorter one so i gave up and did the other way. though cause i didnt use the companion flange converter i didnt need them as short.

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Yes Pathfinder - well in my case from an import Nissan Terrano V6 gives you the 5x1 axles and the 4 cylinder diesel = 3x2 tripod at the other diff end :)

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