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Car HS30 00060 wants $20K


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240z #60 is listed for $20,000 AUD on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/DATSUN-240Z-HS30-1970-Chassis-00060-matching-numbers_W0QQitemZ4627235169QQcategoryZ102220QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem


I don't want to put down the owner, however I want to know what everyone else's opinion on this is? Keep in mind that in Japan these cars easily fetch alot of coin.


I think he's hoping for an international buyer like from Japan or maybe even the US or UK? For someone in the UK it's only really about $10k maybe even less.


It looks like it would need a bit of work to be show room presentable though, although i've seen plenty worse. :D

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A month or so ago he wanted $9K+, then dropped the price to $4999 as a starting price but got no bidders. Someone on here was interested and got more details, so would know more.


Your right, probably a good starting point, if rust is not too bad and everything else checks out (completeness, interior condition, etc).


The japs generally don't what 'restorers' but cars that have actually had the work done already. $20K is about $US15K+ shipping, and I can't see anyone over there being interested in a 'restorer' for that those sort of $$, esp when there are still a reasonable number of these cars still available in the US. That leaves the UK and pretty much the same situation although less cars were sold there, of course.

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Hi guys, I only just joined your site. I've been looking around here for a while but thought I should join so I could reply to this post.


I have actually seen this car, and the guy is absolutely dreaming!!! There is ALOT of rust in this car, so much so that you'd send it to Sims Metal if it weren't an early car. The underbody has been knocked around with lots of dents in the floor, and the interior is a little rough although mostly complete. The dash board has been capped and it has a fibreglass console.


There's much work to be done on this car, certainly too much for me. It may suit somebody who's pretty handy at panel work, but you wouldn't be paying 20, 8 or even 4 grand for it. That's just my opinion anyway...

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yeah i just found out. far out.what they grow and eat down there lol?


i talked to him but. bla bla bla. got pics and more pics and she looked bit rusty. bit $$$ for just plates.


so i didnt bother anymore i just checked ebay and 20k and im like cool


i just bought one for 1800 and not that rusty its not 70 and not no 60

but hey she is pretty much rust proof in all major parts expecialy rear

no rust on 1/4 panels or hatch and roof. all wicked. but she still needs lot of work .


im happy for 3200 i can get mine in new condition(well labour i dont pay) i dont care if not 60 mines 1860 one day they fetch up there. not worried at all.


oh well good luck to him

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LMAO.... My mate just sent him a message asking if he'd accidentally pushed zero too many times...


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:






0 must have got jammed on kb


i think he didnt have any interest for 5k so i got pissed off and wacked 20k cause he doesnt want to sell it so if someone buys for 20k he sell it .


wierd theory


also could have sold it but y didnt he just cancel the damn thing.



let me know what was the reply to theat msg im sure he would have gone nuts. i piked up hes fairy short tamperd bloke.

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