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BANK ACCOUNT - Victoria, Tassie & Threadbo Events

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Well yesterday I finally got around to openning up our new AUSZCAR Bank account 29/4/09.

ANZ BANK ROWVILLE    BSB 013-479 Account No. 524707971

How will this account work:-

1) All Z Car members can now donate by depositing directly into the above account number any time.

2) Donations will mainly go towards Victorian, Tassie and Threadbo events, BBQ's, meets etc.

3)This thread is locked so I will only have access it to highlight or list people who donate and by how much.

4) When donating please list your name and or user name. Or notify me direct.

5) After each list I will always list the balance of the account and where expenditure goes.

6) This A/C has a debit card with a pin number we can hand around on trips or outings if we wanted to use the Club money. Whilst it would be nice to have a float around $500- to cover expenses so we are not always asking for cash I will always give back to the members in give aways or freeby's to ensure the account doesn't just grow endlessly for no reason.

7) Monthly bank fee for the Account is $2.00

Note:- Paypal account is still open for donations to Gavin to run the on line site. (Interstaters)

We can also use this for up front payments before ordering the shirts, Caps etc.

The openning balance is $60- left over from the Xmas 2008 BBQ raffle. At the Jag night we will give away the Threadbo DVD to anyone who donates $20- or more on the night. (We will still be asking for $10- to cover costs on this night). I guess Lurch, Sulio and myself have already donated $50- towards the new Club banner which is due to arrive any day. If you want to direct deposit into this account feel free to do so any time but make sure you list your user name. This thread will then track the history of donating members. Thanks in advance guys.   :D




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Well we have our first donation $50- EFT'd into our new bank account. Thanks very much Matt Drago. Much appreciated. We will spend it wisely. Pick up your free Thredbo DVD and some stickers if you make it to the Jag Club meeting 12/5/09. Balance is now $110-.

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Second donation deposited into our Bank Account last night. Thank you Dave Marret (Rev) for your $50.00. Make sure you get your DVD and stickers at the Club meeting 12/5/09.

Balance of the account is now $160.00.

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Our 3rd donation of $50.00 has been received from Jeffrey Stran. Thanks very much Jeff your generosity is appreciated.

We hope to land some further donations at our meeting 12/5/09 asking for $20.00 donations from other members which will give you a Thredbo DVD, sticker & a ticket for a raffle. This money is like an annual subscription. After that night the Bank funds should carry us well into summer while free events, BBQ's & meetings can then be put on for all participating members. We don't like asking for cash so this should be the last time for 6-12 months.

Balance of the account is now $210.00 as of 11/5/09.    :D

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OK after the Jag Club meeting 12/5/09 these are the people who generously donated to the Bank Account.

$20- Glenn Douglas

$20- Mark Kelava

$20- Wes & Maggie

$20- Dimitri Vassiliou

$20-Vinny Barbara

$20- John Toufas

$20- Gordon Lovegrove

$20- Graham Verbunt

$20- Simon Thompson

$20- Lois Castro

$20- David Chambers

$20- Kyle Fattoretto

$20- Evan Pell

$20- Bruce - Taralgon

$20- Rob Morris

$20- Jane Foreman

$20- Stewart Kent

A big thankyou. $510- dollars donated in total (Including the $10- donations to cover the night) on the night less $100- for the venue & $100- Food & drink in expenses. Means I will be Banking $310- into our Bank Account. Balance will then be $520-00.

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Another deposit of $25.00 from Geoff Owens of NSW or user name ZED660.  Thanks for that. We also had an account fee of $2.00 come out leaving us with a balance of $493.43.


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OK we have had some movement in the Bank Account recently.

Openning Balance $493.43

Deposit  $590-  for Polo's & Caps

Payment $403.25 for Polo's & Caps (Cost) Good work Lurch

Payment $2.00 29/6/09 Bank Fee

Payment $2.00 29/7/09 Bank Fee

Payment $50.00 27/7/09 BBQ at Sulio's work.

Balance $626.18 remaining in the Bank account as at 31/7/09.

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Got a $50.00 deposit from John alias "Serpent" 21/9/09. Thanks for your generosity we will put it to good use come the summer months when we can put on a few more BBQ's and drive days. I hope you have all penciled in the Xmas BBQ 5/12/09. Cheers

Balance now at $554.18

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OK some more movement in the Bank account. Update as follows:-

Bank Fees 2 x $2.00 = $4.00

Meat & Drink for Warren's (Deceased) BBQ get together $55.82.

Tool Kit for Xmas BBQ Raffle  $59.99

Donation from Micky G.  $50.00  Thanks Mike  :D

Proceeds from the sale of Xmas Raffle Tickets  $242.00 well done guys.

Closing Balance as of today 11/12/09  $739.37

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Bank Account update.

We had a deposit of $50.00 from Mrs Heather Prit Bruce - Hawthorn E. Thanks

29/1/10 $69.93 Expense for the Qtly Meeting/BBQ. Great to see 20 people along. And 2 x $2.00 Bank Charges.

Closing Balance as at 8th Feb 2010 is $715.44.

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Bank Account Update.

Less 2 x $2.00 Bank Fees.

Balance $711.44 as at 15/4/10.

Got a Vic BBQ coming up in the next month or two so will drop a bit then. But looks good though.  :D

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Hi Boys, just a quick update of the Bank balance after the great night at the Jag Club last night.

O/Balance $711.44

Bank Fees  (6.00)

Rent Jag Club  (100.00)

Pizza & Drinks  (145.58)

2 Cash Donations $20.00

Closing Balance as at 18/6/10 is $479.86


Any Cash donations appreciated. Simply deposit or EFT into ANZ Bank 013-479 Account No. 524707971.

Name 'Craig Lovegrove' and/or 'Auszcar'.



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Quick update of the Bank Account.

O/Balance $479.86

Bank Fees  (2.00)

Donations  $50.00 - Deposit thankyou

Cash WDL for Lurch's BBQ 7/8/10 ($100.00)

Balance as at 27/7/10 is $427.86

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OK I haven't done this for a while.

O/Balance  $479.86

Deposit $305.00 not sure what or who that was? PM me if you know? Maybe Lurch's Panel beating day or Jag Club meeting?

Misc various wdl $54.00  Internet Banking won't go back any further. Need to check home for this detail on Stmt. Food for Lurch's Panel day.

Bank month fee 4 x $2.00 = $8.00

Cash Receipts for sale of hats 5x$20.00 = $100.00

Payment for 50 Stubby Holders $291.50

Balance as of today is $531.36


We hope to sell 30 stubby holders for $10.00 at the Vic BBQ this weekend. Anyone interstate who wants one or some contact SPAMASTER - Bruce.



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OK Gents,

I haven't done this for a long time. An update of the Vic Bank Account is as follows:-

I deposited $278- a few weeks back with funds from the last 2 Xmas fund raisers, being the raffles and Stubby sales.

We spent $100- cash on the last Vic meeting being for Pizza & Drinks

Take out some Bank Fees.

Closing Balance of the bank account as of 6/3/12 is $707.19.  (We are not holding any cash on hand now)

That should cover a few more meetings. Well done to all we are holding our own with out the need to always ask for cash. From you friendly treasurer.

Craig  ;)

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OK Gents time for another Bank Balance update as at 22/3/13 we have $546.19 in the Bank.

We had $100- expense for a BBQ at Lurch's Zed workshop day

We had $62- expense for Pizz'as at the Zed meet last Week at Dimitri's place

We had a lovely donation from someone for $30- thankyou so much.

Then some mics expenses and deposits relating to Xmas party and Bank fees.

So if anyone would like to make a donation to our Social Bank Account feel free.  :D

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