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Help to ID my gearbox


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Hi guys,

Can anyone help me ID my gearbox before I start ordering parts. Unfortunately I have begun getting a nasty grinding shifting into 2nd gear and now it has finally reached a point where it was every shift into 2nd gear. The gearbox its self looks healthy and I believe it will just be some new syncro's.


So can anyone ID my gearbox?

And can anyone recommend a syncro/ rebuild kit for it ?20221112_135759.thumb.jpg.f5840c856a3db2089431674646cac107.jpg20221112_135808.thumb.jpg.b9757084d705fa9662240cafe3242fe6.jpg20221112_135814.thumb.jpg.28823c5d4f8791c5172b415244fb818b.jpg20221112_155738.thumb.jpg.37e53fe6596a24759109e031cf520109.jpg20221112_155741.thumb.jpg.7787ad295e19b259abb28efe67dba146.jpg

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It's a steel bulk ring, close ratio 260Z gearbox.
Stew at SW Motorsport can sell you new Nissan bulk rings (synchros), but make sure you are sitting down when he tells you the price...
He can also sell you the required bearings, gasket & O-rings.

I'd personally convert it to brass synchros.

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