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240z guard rolling ?


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Hi, ive got my new beautiful wheels -rota rbs 17 X8.5- and they look awesome.

Ive only got the backs on so far.


But with 235-45 tyres its  really pushing the limit.  On my first run the guard shaved a tiny piece of rubber off a new tyre.

So--- guard rolling? Or trim  anglegrinder?

I was going to trim as some guy did on the zhybrid forum BUT after having a look it seems that the rear guard is two sheets of metal joined along the lip

so if i cut most of the rear lip off there will be a gap and weakening it alot.


Guard rolling may stuff up the paint around the guard from the flex.


Any thoughts/ideas guys?



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ok, you can get away with rolling them and not damaging the paint sometimes by using a heat gun and warming the paint to get it flexible, but it might pay to practice this on something else if you can.  When I did mine, it unvailed a desperate need for flares as i ended up cutting a whole heap of the guard out because it was bog and rust.  I dont regret it tho :D

You can pay someone to do it, but unless you pay a panel beater, most wheel shops couldn't give 2 shades of shit about your paint.

This is my experiences.

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When I fit my 17's on the rear but with only 225's on the back it did scrub on bumps; I just got a hammer and lightly tapped the lip going back and forth, bit at a time (with some paint flakes coming off) and it worked. As I heard another scrub I just tapped it a tad more until I got nothing.. That's what happens when its 7 in the morning and you are at the track having forgotten to do it the weekend before! I highly recommend getting it done professionally if you treasure your paint.

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Your other option is to take your wheels to a specialist who might be able to put the wheel on a lathe and shave a bit off on the inside so that the wheel will sit in closer to the hub. This is presumiong you have room on the inside and that the wheel has enough meet on it. I have 255's on my rear and they never rub. It's all in the offset along with coil overs.

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thanks-- ill try, but it is hard against it..and the spring is  tight in the platform..maybe it will give enough


I suppose i could grind a bit of the bottom coil of the spring away and then tap the platform into the flattened area.


lol whenever something doesnt fit/work why it is always the grinder and the hammer?



failing that--coilovers(yay) or a spacer(yuk) i guess



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  • 2 weeks later...

I got them to fit!

The 260z front struts spring platform was about 20mm lower ,so it fits - just.

With the back I cut a some of the lip away, and so far it seems ok


So 17 X 8.5 +4 offset Rota RBs with 235 45 tyres can fit a nonflared early 240z. but using 260z front struts and lipping/cuting the rear lip..


I also had to trim the front valance(i think thats what it is called- the bit that bolts onto the guard, that has the front indicator on it) as the tyre hit it at half lock- both sides.


But they look so good on the car it was all worth it..

Ill post some pics when i get time.



thanks for the advice on this guys.



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thanks Rev.

After a week or so of driving it is rubbing a bit on the back outside lip. If I lower this car its going to need heaps more clearance (10mm approx)


So my options are..


1) Do rear coilover conversion and redrill the strut top inbound giving negative camber (10-15 mm at the top would be about 2 neg at the wheel--i hope) and this should give enough. Its a pity adjustable strut tops are so expensive.



2) Do rear coilover conversion and machine 10mm off the mounting surface from the inside of my wheel(cutting my new wheel- arrhh)


3)combo of both of the above


any other ideas guys?

Looks like Ill be driving like granddad until i get this sorted.



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If you have a 240Z then to help lower your cost I have 2 rear 240Z mac struts with coilover sleeves already installed.  You would need springs to fit, shocks, a top hat spring seat (top part that mounts to car) and to swap your hubs and brakes over to. $150, I have pics too.

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