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Spare Wheel Options

Paul Vercoe

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I wanted to ask for recommendations for a spare wheel option for my 240Z.   I now have 15 inch Konig wheels on the car, and am looking for a suitable 15 in wheel to use as the spare.  I originally picked up a TRX rim and tyre, but it is too large (high) to sit in the wheel well with the cover on, and there is no way you can use the original clamp to secure the wheel.


I looked through the technical forum and read where the 280ZX or 300 (4 wheel stud) space saver wheels may be an option, but before I go searching for this I would like to see what practical solutions other members may have come up with.  I live in country NSW so I would feel more comfortable having a spare - long distance between tyre repair shops.


Should I go for the space saver, or are there other rims that would meet my requirement?  If anyone has a suitable option for sale, would be happy to hear from them.  Can pick up in Melbourne or Sydney.






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S13 Sylva space saver spare is four stud, S14's are 5 stud for the 5 studded convos!

Check they clear brake setup, if you have fit bgger, they should do!

Overall height will be close, but be aware f fitting dffering heights to rear emd, with LSD's fitted, it will cause premature wear, and some strain, on diff and shafts.

Better to swap a front to the rear, and run the horrible looking space saver on front.


Thats ff you are running same o/all height rubber all around.

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