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  1. yeah man I just got one off a US parts distributer for like just under $42 AUD which is pretty sweet imo, might take a week or a bit to get here but should be worth it. And awesome bro, ill have a look around. Do you know if theres any difference in quality or they’re all the same stuff generally? cheers
  2. sounds sweet man, do you know of or recommend any places to get the OEM parts or rebuild kits, I have looked all around but have no clue on any places that sell them or do you recommend just taking it apart and seeing what I can do without getting a kit. Same for my rear calipers as they seem to have both leaked a bit and I don't know if paying $50 from a US supplier is the way to go or if there is a better and cheaper option. This is my first ever car, and first ever rebuild so im just learning and figuring out the best way to do things. Really appreciate the help
  3. Sounds good man, I am looking at running the stock brakes for now and then upgrading to Wilwoods to match the Master then. Should work out well hey?
  4. Hey all, About 2 weeks ago I picked up my grandpa's 1979 280zx to rebuild, I have already got the fuel system redone and got the engine running after it sitting there for about 13 years which was a pretty sick feeling loll.. Just wondering what everyone recommends for brake booster and master cylinder setups, I am looking into a Wilwood Tandem 1" Master Cylinder with the Toyota Hilux 8/9" LN141 Break Booster. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations or their setups that work well as an upgrade to the stock ones as this cars stock setup is absolutely shot now and I wont be able to get a RWC or Rego which is a pain. I am also doing an RB25DE or DET engine swap later in the late year so something that seems to work well with your engine builds. This is my first post and im sure I will be active on these forums a lot more now Cheers
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