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  1. Hi , since no one has responded to this post - in spite of having 500+ views ! The Z Car Club of Sydney is having an excursion to Kangaroo Valley ( which, as you are aware, is a bit further on past the Southern Highlands) on 8th December - which will take in the Australian Pioneer Village in the area as well as some really good country driving and great scenery. This is already on the Auszcar site - "Kanga Klimax" . Further details will be provided nearer to the event. If interested, you could form a convoy at your usual Loftus meeting place and join the Z Car Club convoy at a nominated halfway point where the Canberra members could also meet. If interested you can respond to the Kanga Klimax post and later on with a rough estimate of numbers .
  2. I was trying to add a bit of levity to the carburettors/drum brakes/which hole does this cable go into etc discussions . I only joined the club in July 2019 - so I'm not familiar with all the orifices yet or the uploading techniques for this particular site. I'm still an "L" plater to these forums - and paying the penalty through a host of derogatory comments. I appreciate that the text could be copied and pasted - but wasn't sure if the image could be synchronised with the text if this was done .
  3. For those interested - turned out to be a great day with a good attendance . Some images :
  4. To you nice guys (the silent majority) - thoroughly annoyed by trolling - relief may be in sight! Please see attachment. TROLL ALERT.docx
  5. Following on from the "Meat" blog - are there any barbecue areas around Thirroul ? If interested - may be able to generate some extra attendees. ? November or early next year.
  6. I didn't notice the other blog , but this is mostly about accommodation .
  7. This will be a cruise by the Z Car Club of Sydney to the Kangaroo Valley - great drive and excellent views with a visit to a pioneer museum - great stuff ! Led by the "world's worst navigator" - just to add to the excitement ! More details to follow later.
  8. This is coming up fast . If you intend to go - start checking out your accommodation now. If you don't want to stay in the "dorm" like accommodation at the site - there are a number of motels still available from $90 per night. Most of these can be booked for no deposit and accommodation will be held until late in November . There is generally no cancellation fee - even if you cancel in November. A glance at the preliminary calendar of events - means that the organisers are trying to duplicate events each day so that no one misses out over this period of planned events. The only variation is that all prize giving will be on Saturday evening.
  9. Second time around - did take some loading time !
  10. Mmm - no loading time ! Forget the coffee !
  11. Uploaded celebratory video Sorry a bit comprehensive (and meaty) - will take a few minutes to load - have a coffee and come back ! AA★ Nissan Z History ★.mp4
  12. Hi Gav, My last response was to the Qld member
  13. And obviously no forums for Z cars less than 40years old . It's ironic that the membership form doesn't even ask for the type of vehicle or any vehicle details for that matter . I've been referring potential members to the Auzcar Club with later model Zs for some time now - obviously not much point.
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