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  1. To clarify the last post. It was Club Thirroul's photographer and Club Thirroul's facebook page.
  2. Great cruise with fantastic views . Club Thirroul was a very pleasant venue. We had the conference room to ourselves - which was just as well - as the numbers of members and guests had swelled to 31 with 20 cars attending. The official photographer for the club took photos of the assembled Zeds & Zedders for the club's facebook page. As we passed Scarborough it was noted that it was packed out. When considering the reasonable prices at Club Thirroul & the quiet , uncrowded environment - no contest !
  3. All Covid-19 restrictions are being adhered to of course
  4. If any Auszcar members are interested in joining the cruise reply here. A conference room has been booked at Club Thirroul - so there is plenty of room.
  5. October 11th excursion Directions 1.docx October 11th excursion Directions 2.docx
  6. This Cruise will be on the 11th October . If your Zed is raring to go but hasn't been out because of Covid-19 - now's the time to take it for a spin before 2020 ends. OCTOBER 11th EXCURSION – GRAND PACIFIC DRIVE ITINERY Meet at Big Daddy’s Burger Bar @ Casula from about 9.15 am Morning tea & snacks The convoy will leave at 10.00am Travel to Grand Pacific Drive at Stanwell Tops. The Grand Pacific Drive is a great scenic route with fantastic views. Follow the Grand Pacific drive through to Thirroul. Lunch will be at Club Thirroul
  7. Some further directions on the St Albans cruise ST ALBANS EXCURSION 20th September - DIRECTIONS McDonalds’s Thornleigh to Settlers Arms Inn , St Albans 1 h 35 min (71.7 km) via Old Northern Rd and St Albans Rd Fastest route, the usual traffic · This route includes a ferry. McDonald's Thornleigh 218-226 Pennant Hills Rd, Thornleigh NSW 2120 Take Central Ave to Cumberland Hwy/Pennant Hills Rd/A28 2 min (280 m) Head north-west towards Central Ave 57 m Turn left onto Central Ave 160 m
  8. OK - last month's cruise to Kiama Downs was a great success - 27 Z people and 17 cars. So we're planning to have a bigger turnout for St Albans. This is a great drive with lots of "boy racer" twisty bits and great scenery. All enthusiasts invited. See details below SEPTEMBER 20th 2020 EXCURSION - ST ALBANS ITINERY This excursion consists of a ferry trip , a great sporty drive in rustic countryside and lunch at the Settlers Arms Inn (circa 1842). The convoy will meet at McDonalds at Thornleigh (218-226 Pennant Hills Rd) from about 10.00am for a mornin
  9. Z CAR EXCURSION- 23rd AUGUST – KIAMA DOWNS KIAMA DOWNS CRUISE ITINERY Meet at Big Daddy’s Burger Bar (Address: 18 Parkers Farm Place, Corner of Beach Road, Camden Valley Way, Casula, Sydney ) from about 9.45 am for coffee/snacks. The convoy will leave at 10.15 am. A nice leisurely drive of about 1 hour 20 minutes will take us to Kiama Downs for lunch at Mystics at the Kiama Golf Club situated near to the coast. If you don’t wish to participate in the convoy and the drive, you can meet the club members at the Kiama Golf Club . The address of the Golf
  10. Great drive to a great venue . Get your Z out of mothballs and drive it ! Not for the faint hearted who would rather stay masked up in their garage shampooing the dipstick of their 260Z ! Get out in the fresh air with other enthusiasts. Details to follow.
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