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  1. Turned out to be an interesting day to round off 2019 . Twenty people and fourteen cars turned up and all enjoyed the excursion. Navigation became individually creative at various points in the journey , but no one got lost and all arrived at the various checkpoints safely. Lots of "sticky" flies at the Pioneer Village limited the time spent there - but there are some very interesting historical displays . Moss Vale Services Club is a winner with great reasonably priced meals - well worth the visit !
  2. Some directions and other information for the excursion Kanga Menu Moss Vale Services Club.docx Kanga Excursion Mittagong RSL to Pioneer Village.docx Kanga Excursion Pioneer Village to Moss Vale Services Club.docx
  3. No meat eaters & no takers. See events - Kanga Klimax in November - no restrictions - you can go green & pack your own salad lunch ! All welcome (Kangaroos strictly prohibited - as they may read something into the excursion name !)
  4. Compare the pair - sea of interested and excited faces at Berowra Waters and the reaction of Rox, the Wonder dog to the event.
  5. The four 240Zs displayed on pitlane at Eastern Creek (Shannon's)
  6. Just a word of caution - as you blast along these narrow roads with your overpowered Z sending shockwaves through the pristine countryside - anything can happen !!
  7. More details on the Kanga Klimax Z CAR CLUB OF SYDNEY “KANGA KLIMAX” - END OF YEAR EXCURSION 8th December Itinery · Meet at Big Daddy’s Burger Bar (Casula) (or go directly to Mittagong RSL) · Leave by 9.15am · Convoy will arrive at Mittagong RSL by 10.00am · Morning Tea · Leave Mittagong RSL by approximately 10.30am · Arrive at Pioneer Museum, Kangaroo Valley @ 11.15am · Leave by 12.45pm · Arrive at Moss Vale Services Club @ 1.15pm for lunch Museum Charges $10 adult , $5 pensioners or $5 for parties of more than twelve.
  8. SUMMARY OF DAY Great attendance Great displays Crap run on track - bog slow - more brakes than accelerator. I'm sure I saw a guy using a walking frame speed past !!
  9. Great day - 25 people + large German Shepherd (Rox) and 14 cars . Mother-in-law would not fit in the 2 seater Z.
  10. Yes, Andrew, You can often see me around Darlinghurst, in my cape and twirling my epee ( For the benefit of the unwashed - this is a very thin sword !) . BTW - what are you doing in Darlinghurst ?
  11. Hi , since no one has responded to this post - in spite of having 500+ views ! The Z Car Club of Sydney is having an excursion to Kangaroo Valley ( which, as you are aware, is a bit further on past the Southern Highlands) on 8th December - which will take in the Australian Pioneer Village in the area as well as some really good country driving and great scenery. This is already on the Auszcar site - "Kanga Klimax" . Further details will be provided nearer to the event. If interested, you could form a convoy at your usual Loftus meeting place and join the Z Car Club convoy at a nominated halfway point where the Canberra members could also meet. If interested you can respond to the Kanga Klimax post and later on with a rough estimate of numbers .
  12. I was trying to add a bit of levity to the carburettors/drum brakes/which hole does this cable go into etc discussions . I only joined the club in July 2019 - so I'm not familiar with all the orifices yet or the uploading techniques for this particular site. I'm still an "L" plater to these forums - and paying the penalty through a host of derogatory comments. I appreciate that the text could be copied and pasted - but wasn't sure if the image could be synchronised with the text if this was done .
  13. For those interested - turned out to be a great day with a good attendance . Some images :
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