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Found 8 results

  1. Great drive to a great venue . Get your Z out of mothballs and drive it ! Not for the faint hearted who would rather stay masked up in their garage shampooing the dipstick of their 260Z ! Get out in the fresh air with other enthusiasts. Details to follow.
  2. Want to take a cruise with other Z car enthusiasts ? - a great drive to an interesting venue followed by lunch at a nearby club. The Z Car Club of Sydney is visiting the historic Lithgow Small Arms Museum on 26th July. If interested ( numbers appreciated) - leave a reply here as the lunch venue has been booked and numbers will have to be confirmed.
  3. This will be a cruise by the Z Car Club of Sydney to the Kangaroo Valley - great drive and excellent views with a visit to a pioneer museum - great stuff ! Led by the "world's worst navigator" - just to add to the excitement ! More details to follow later.
  4. Heads up on upcoming cruise by the Z Car Club of Sydney. This is a fantastic spot with great water views . If any Auszcar Club members are interested - please reply to this post - as numbers for lunch have to be communicated to the management ahead of time as the venue is not huge .Meals are very reasonably priced . Please see attachments. Berowra Waters Itinery..docx Berowra Waters Fish Cafe Menu.docx
  5. The Z Car Club of Sydney has secured 4 spots on pitlane for this event. There will be four 240Zs displayed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 240Z . The rest of the members will be displaying their Zeds in Area E . Pop over & say hello to your fellow enthusiasts !
  6. Seeing the emphasis in most of the forums is on intense mechanical themes - I'd better move with the flow . The 300ZX Z32 twin turbo has 4 wheel steering as part of its specs (known as HICAS). There are two sensors to monitor this system - one is behind the speedo and one in the bowels of the undercarriage near the gearbox. As the car comes into a corner the HICAS system monitors the speed (speedo sensor) and uses this to create a better turning angle by turning the rear wheels to an appropriate angle to enhance the cornering ability. However, as I have discovered - if any of these two sensors "go on strike" - one is immediately confronted with a big orange light on the dashboard and the speedo stops working. After pulling the speedo apart - it was found that it was the sensor "down under" and not the speedo sensor that was the culprit. Pricing on E Bay at the time for the sensor was north of $750 . Incredibly, it was less than half the price to get it from America - even factoring in the exchange rate and postage. After replacement , the orange light has disappeared and the 320kms/hr speedo is smiling again. Interestingly enough , on another topic - I had the wick turned up on the turbos to over 300kws , but later noticed a number of You Tube videos where 300ZX twin turbos ( purporting to be stock) were recorded doing in excess of 300kms/hr. ? maybe I should have saved my money.
  7. To you nice guys (the silent majority) - thoroughly annoyed by trolling - relief may be in sight! Please see attachment. TROLL ALERT.docx
  8. Z CAR CLUB of SYDNEY CRUISE 21st July - Fleet Air Arm Nowra All invited - see details July 21st Itinery.docx Directions 1.docx Directions 2.docx Directions 3.docx
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