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  2. Great advice, I will look into this thank you. Did it bolt straight on or did you need to have brackets made up
  3. Thanks for the advice guys. Car is in with auto electrician at the moment so I don't have brand of compressor that's coming out. He has sourced a Sanden style compressor but is chasing up contacts to have a bracket made up to fit. CraigZ - I liked the pic of yours. Do you know where your bracket came from (supplier/model)? I have an L28 in my engine bay cheers
  4. Hi all, I am very new to this forum (joined today), and Im seeking advice on a replacement compressor for my 240z with factory delivered aircon. The auto electrician I am using to overhaul the aircon says that the original compressor brand/type can no longer be sourced. Does anyone have a recommendation for a brand/type of compressor that could be used as a replacement (noting mounting points would need to be the same). Regards Lance
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