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  1. I had a reply from the office, I assume either Ivan or Hung. In response to my enquiry as to whether or not this project will be going ahead, and likely cost, they said: “We don't have the price until we start the process. Will put you on the waiting list.” So maybe a glimmer of hope in this? not in any rush so I’m happy to watch this space
  2. Hey guys, Anyone have any stats from the dyno? I'm interested to see how much power people are making from their L24 with triple carb set ups, 40's through to 50's. I know there are many more variables but would be cool to see some figures. Thanks, Rob.
  3. Appreciate the info for my previous question Gav, I was hoping to buy the mikuni's but missed them. Have picked up a cheap triple Weber setup to experiment and familiarise myself with for now. Cheers
  4. Hey guys, pretty new member, first post, bought the "One for the brave" 240 from dolls point (11162) and am yet to start the project but doing some research. Among other things, at the moment looking at carby setups, have decided to go for triple mikuni/solex 44, and have learnt (Via this very helpful forum) that there are a few different versions. I can't tell but hope that someone can whether this (pic below) is a homogenous or independent jet block: Cheers, Rob
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