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  1. Hey! Also quite interested in this one. Please let me know if you decide to try sell it!
  2. Does anyone recognize this car as being a members? http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/1067587076 It's been fully "JDM'd" so to speak. He claims it is in 'brand new condition' but that's probably very optimistic haha!
  3. tivman

    WTB 240z

    If it were a manual I'd almost be willing to fly over there and have a look at it myself! Got nothing against the autos, just personal preference y'know
  4. tivman

    WTB 240z

    Thanks guys, I'll follow George's advice and keep looking Just to clarify, if it was 5k i'd obviously be expecting to do a LOT of work and TLC to it haha! I was just having a look at that z earlier today actually.
  5. tivman

    WTB 240z

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy a 240z, I've been scouring the forums and haven't been able to find find any because they all sell so quickly / I find one that looks and sounds amazing and then 3 pages of reading the forums later I realize someone bought it a while back! Maybe I just can't work out the forums I don't know! My budget is pretty flexible, by this I mean I'd buy one for 5k if it was the right one in my mind and all the way up to around 20k if I have to! Hope that makes sense! Anyways, let me know if you know how to work the forums better than I can or even better, PM or post about a 240z for sale that I could have a look at!
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