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  1. it seperates in half, bolts onto the headers no headers included. it was a quite exhuast but does have that little bit extra noise. was a subtle note
  2. Hey guys got my stock exhuast up forsale Came with the car so unsure what it is After 350 Has good ground clearance, some scrapes and scratches but no holes Missing one clamp Located Vic s.e suburbs
  3. Have PM'd zedevan and twofortyz Dionysus, only reason being for an rb20 box is because I'm still keeping the rb25 Na. Rb25 turbo box imo is overkill and would rather out Money I save on the rb20 box onto something else
  4. Have PM'd zedevan and twofortyz Dionysus, only reason being for an rb20 box is because I'm still keeping the rb25 Na. Rb25 turbo box imo is overkill and would rather out Money I save on the rb20 box onto something else
  5. hi there just thought i'd ask in this section incase someone had some rb conversion parts lying around. at this stage im mainly after - modified sump (that doesnt leak) OR 200zr sump - rb25 engine and gearbox conversion mounts - rb20 gearbox thanks heaps in advance
  6. ahhh the jets i was meant to pick up over a year now. sorry john this whole time i still didnt even get to put them on
  7. Hi there guys Decided to sell my triples as I'm needing to fund another project. Bought this abit more than a year ago and have only just sat on my coffee table since purchase. Originally bought from a member on here "johnboy" Which he had them completely rebuilt with new gaskets and linkages by les Reason why I've never put them on is because they came off an l28 in which I was building an l28 so these carbs were matched instead of re jetting. And told this day my motor is still in pieces. They dhla40s Comes with basically everything to bolt on Inc manifold and filters. Chasing 1400 (I paid 1600 for them) If any questions please don't hesitate to ask
  8. ive got a set of 4 here if your still looking
  9. the green panels came off my 74 260 2 seater G please pm if you are interested and we can work out a time for pickup
  10. Got some parts here they I have no space for anymore so might be helpful to someone else Window frames and glass are from 240z Centre facia 260z Headlight buckets 260z Front valance 260z Arm rests 260z 2+2 I'm pretty sure Got some more stuff just gotta go through all my junk Everything Is $10 Would prefer pick up as I won't have much time to post Located s.e suburbs of Melbourne Cheers
  11. hey there ive got this rear window louvre that i dont think ill be putting back on my car. not really sure how much its worth so please give me a REASONABLE offer i have the base clips that the louvre screws into located in vic s.e suburbs cheers
  12. hey there just wondering if anyone has a rear bar and bracket thats they're looking to unload. not sure if 2+2 fits but if it does than that will do too cheers
  13. thanks guys got one of wildy55
  14. thanks for the replies guys, will definitely run a relay, being 40year old loom the voltage drop can be huge. ive actually gone with a carter pump and holley reg , head great things and for the price wasnt too bad.
  15. can anyone suggest a replacement fuel pump that i can buy? ive done a quick google and all everyone talked about is if the cars came with either or both mechanical fuel pumps and just gave me a headache so all i really want to know is what replacments do people usually buy as i'd like to replace mine for peace of mind. cheers
  16. hey there as above i'd like to buy a 280ZX distributor with module if anyone has a spare lying around i'd like to buy ;D please pm me if you can help cheers
  17. hey guys, got 3 seats laying here taking up space and i doubt ill be using it anytime soon a pair of black seats passenger is good nick drivers is abit ripped on the bottom cushion not sure what the value of seats are so maybe $200? for the pair 1 cream seat with the top half painted black with carpet spray can (just wanted to see what i tlooked like) still good cushions if you were to retrim $50
  18. your best bet is yahoo japan, i've been eyeing out the yahoo for a couple of weeks now for the right set of extractors. jesse will be able to source you brand new fujitsubo ones if needed
  19. might have to get one made if no one has any just thought i'd try and take the easy way dat2kman have you got a picture?
  20. hey guys abit of a long shot but ill see how i go im chasing after this adapter that connects standard extracters to aftermarket twin exhuast im still in the process of finding extracters and have little to patience which is why i just want to run this for the time being
  21. what are peoples thoughts on the turnout of this? wondering if its worth the trip up
  22. hey guys Bought hear a while ago I think off lurch Not going to be using them so it's for grabs Brand new with rubber seal and brackets Located in vic s.e suburbs Can't seem to upload pic so if you pm your email or phone number I can send a pic Cheers
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