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  1. Hey Team, Looking for a factory A/C unit from a 260z. Any vintage as they should all fit my '76. Just the centre console part, my blower etc are all in good condition. Happy to restore. Just need the evaporator core to be in good condition. Pics of what I'm hunting: i Please help. Preparing for summer.
  2. Hey Mate, Details?
  3. Hi Gav, if you you can - DM me some details on the hosting stats (size of the site, size of the SQL, monthly bandwidth). Happy to look at what I can do investigating cheaper hosting options and assisting in migrating. Thanks
  4. Hey Guys, Following an old thread I test fit some FD rx7 seats to my shell to see how it would go. Looks like the 260Z (2 str) has a much higher seat mount rail than a 240z. I'm tempted to cut down and install my own seat mounts. But before I do, can someone please measure a stock two seater and give me the following details. Seat all the way forward: Leading edge (under knee) to firewall Leading edge (under knee) to floor and then repeat for all the way back - I no longer have stock seats to try out. at a guess I am about 50mm to high.
  5. Hey Craig, Perfect - how do I set up an order for 2x?
  6. Hey Guys, Can anyone help?
  7. Kirby

    260z For Sale Pictures

    260z Door Images
  8. Door and Driveshafts are gone pending approval. Lower valence is on hold. everything else still available.
  9. Did a clean up at my parent's garage in Adelaide. Car is a 1976 2-Seater. See attached image. - Brand new 260z driver door very good condition - purchased from another member - Late model "inny" locks. - $300 obo - Radiator - Almost brand new about 500kms - couple of dings from storage but looks sound - $200 obo - 260z Rear Driveshafts - UJ's look decent - probably could use a rebuild, no clicks or knocks drove well - make an offer - Plastic front bar (stripped) and two lower (centre) valence panels - make an offer. - Rear factory roll bar - make an offer. - Don't worry about the bellhousing its a toyota thing. Pick up from Adelaide 5062. Pre-arranged time required.
  10. Cleaning up my garage in BNE. Parts surplus to my requirements. Car is a 1976 260Z 2-Seater. See attached image. -Rust Free Wheel Well - Spot Drilled Out - But was hacked at the fuel tank mount (not me - sorry anyway) - Good base suitable for resto - Rear drum brake assemblies - Need a rebuild - A set of Black Dragon Automotive Steering Rack Boots - What look like 280zx front lower ball joints? - A hood latch that was the wrong way for my car. - Some other random bits and pieces. Bottle of Capitan Morgan's takes the lot, first come first served, pick up in 4078.
  11. Kirby

    Door Handle Linkage

    Hey, So I'm still chasing this part - it is the opposite hand linkage to the top in my picture. The linkage in question is the linkage from the external door lock to the lock mechanisim. Please help. Thanks
  12. Kirby

    Door Handle Linkage

    Hey Guys, Zinc plater lost a door handle linkage from my 76 2-seater. I'm not sure what side I have left -photo attached can anyone identify which side and offer up one if they have it?
  13. Ok so I thought someone posted a length here, but now the post is missing? Anyway this is the bumper I've found, any one care to compare with their 2 seater or 2+2 and let me know? I've never seen side brackets like this before, can anyone show me the piece that attaches to the body? Thanks Guys,
  14. Kirby

    Wtb Hood Latch

    Scoota G sorted me out. Thanks guys
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