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SA: 280zx parts and other random parts

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Currently wrecking a black auto 280zx. As I pull parts off the car I will update the thread. Prices are ono and if you have 260z parts I'll swap parts etc


280zx bonnet - $100.

Condition: Average, minimal rust, faded paint



280zx front bar with indicators and parkers still in - $50

Condition: Good



280zx front apron - $30

Condition - Slight cracking, denting and rust




280zx front guards with headlight surrounds - $100 for pair

Condition: Good, straight still have side mouldings




$250 for all front pannels


280zx taillights - $60 for pair

Condition: Average, slight crack in the backing plastic in one, still have metal brackets and wiring in good condition





280zx dash cluster with surround (colour: blue) - $60

Condition: Good





280zx Gauge Cluster - $50

Condition: Good

- comes with pods which are free





280zx glove box - $20

Condition: Average



All dash parts include wiring  - $120 and these




Nissan S13 "CA" seats - $80

Condition: Good, slight wear on drivers seat.





"Square" headlight Stanza grille - $30



Contactable via pm. (On here everyday)


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Ok nevermind then, just snooping around for a decent radiator on the cheap. Cheers anyway :)


I might be able to part with the radiator as the 260 already has one. I just need the overflow bottle.

Can you wait till I tackle the engine bay?


Salty....Your not Australian if you dont have a bbq. Bonus point for its proximity to car.

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Yeah, no rush, my friend, as I said, just looking at this stage. Let me know when you get around to it :) Is the radiator in decent nick though? Oh, and is it an auto?


Haha, answered my own question. Really should learn how to read at some stage...

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Hey mate,


Keen on the Fenders and probably the hood as well.


I'm in Perth but have Family located around Sefton Park and Wingfield, they can organise to get it over to me.


Let me know if the parts are still available



Still available. I'm not far from Morphettville Racecourse.


I'll have to see the console , but I will probably be keen on that too. For some reason, the previous owner of my z covered the console in canvas. Go figure :s




Will take a photo of it and post it later on if you'd like.

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