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Su Idle And Tuning Problems

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Hey guys. Got some Su idle problems. As u can hear the front one picks revs up and sounds cleaner when sync is held up to it but rear dies down and as u can see kills it.

Also if i attempt to rev it, it just dies instantly.


72 3 screw su's (i think its correct)

2.5 turns out on mixture

Atf oil in Su's

idle's around 800 rpm


Things i havent checked is fuel float bowl level


vid here 


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It looks like u may be having similar issues to me. If the car is dieing when you put the unisyn on the rear carb, then it is too rich (less air flow more fuel, flooding). Looking at your float levels, the rear is quite a bit higher than the front, also indicating flooding (fuel sitting in the jet too high). Try unscrewing the rear richness a bit.


That last clip of the float thingy (very correct term...) could be the issue too though.


From what I understand, fuel pump should regulate to give consistency between carbs, so one shouldn't get more fuel than the other, but if the pump is putting too much PSI through then it CAN just affect one carb (I'm not sure if a blockage can do the same thing? Maybe blocking off the front forcing more fuel to the rear?)

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