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  1. Local to Vic, Australia. Just looking through all the options! As a student my wallet feels to small for any local pickings, even with import fees taken into account. Thanks for the link!
  2. Hi there. I am new to the Z car scene, to the car scene in general really. A 240z caught my eye though and it was love at first sight. Now it has become my new obsession. What I wanted to ask was, are these listings legitimate? The price disparity alone makes me nervous. I know all of these examples have non OEM parts, and probably lack anything close to matching numbers. But is that alone enough for the premium? Examples: https://www.hotmusclecars.com/details.php?id=13325 https://automotive-classifieds.com/detail.php?listing=52378 https://www.cardealfinder.com/autos/datsun/dat
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