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  1. Sure is best to be honest about it. I guess these were always treated as alloy wheels previously.
  2. Research led me to this forum and all of your helpful posts and information. Unsure what i should do with these wheels now. Theres is the 1 wheel with bad corrosion, it had a tube in the tyre, it was obviously beeing used like that! The other 3 arent as corroded and hold air. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks
  3. I think the first picture confirms they are genuine.
  4. Hey there thanks for that. Seeing some of your previous post lead me to think this is what they are. All of the other pictures of reproduction or replica wheels not made by kobe seiko look different. How would you recommend i strip these (if they do turn out to be the elektron magnesium wheels) to find any markings they might have. Is it ok to store these raw without a tretment or coating?
  5. Very interesting. I am in New Zealand. I didnt purchase these from someone named Reg. I will check weight when they arrive and also look into the best way to remove paint.
  6. Hello are you able to provide any more information of said wheels?
  7. I may have aqquired these wheels. Any indication as to what they might be?
  8. Hello i am looking for some wheels for my street driven car. What is rge expected price for genuine kobe seiko wheels the z432 or "violet" style what would i be paying
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