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  1. Hi guys, does anyone have a link to the build thread of this car?
  2. Looking to sell my beloved 260Z that I purchased 5 years ago off a member here. I don't drive her like I used to since moving to the city. Only around the block every once and a while to keep fluids from sitting. Registered and no problems at all getting a RWC (Will sell with one) Complete restoration, rotisserie paint job in 2K (colour is porsche GT3 orange) l28 top and bottom end rebuild 5000 kms ago (In Sydney by a proper Datsun enthusiast shop) triple dellortos Adjustable king spring suspension powder coated suspension, transmission and block 280z 5
  3. 260Z 2+2 Cheers. Thats a shame. The plastic ones I have were only replaced 4 years ago. The rubber covering the Zed logo has yellowed and gone milky and 2 of the posts holding it on have snapped off.
  4. ultrasuede

    Rear Badges

    Hi all, I'm looking for a pair of the rear quarter badges for my 260z. The ones on there at the moment are plastic and fragile. The left one has broken off entirely. Do they exist in metal?? All the pairs on sale on the web don't specify if they are plastic or metal. Thank you
  5. Hi all, Last year skippy decided to commit suicide all over my fender. I took her to a local body shop who sourced a replacement fender. It turns out that he shot 2k over the original 40 year old enamel paint that came on the fender. The paint has now changed color and begun to peel. I have since moved to Brisbane, far away from where the repair was done. Shannons (been the amazing insurance company that they are) have decided to re assess the damage and send it to the panel beater of my choice for repair. My question is, who is the best in Brisbane? I would prefer a zed head to do it i
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