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  1. Make an offer for any of these items. I will donate money back to site as I just want to clear my shed (for more parts!) most If not all of the parts are 260z. dash - terrible condition centre console - Snapped after ash tray back seat - black with a clean up good condition / no rips. 260z 2+2 doors both passenger and drivers - passenger has glass and all working mechanisms / driver has no glass but mechanisms radiators - not sure what they are out of I think one is a R30 skyline.... 260z gauges and wiring loom door cards 2+2 - passenger is poor c
  2. Hi all, I am chasing down a couple of items that have gone MIA during my re-build (many more have gone missing but got around them so far!) I am chasing down the bracket that fixes to the metal section above the front window that the rear vision mirror fixes too. I hope you know what I am on about! The other item is the nuts for the windscreen wipers. Cheers Marcus
  3. Hey guys, I am chasing down 260z 2 seater passenger and drivers side glass (incl. runner attachment - not sure what you call this section the glass fixes to). I also require the internal door latches (part to open the door) again for both sides. Cheers Marcus.
  4. I went to Clark Rubber - they have a whole range of sizes (Supercheap only had the smaller grommets) including the large 45mm odd size for the floor pan for anyone who needs them.
  5. Thanks Jeff, I'll give them a go. Marcus
  6. Hey guys - chasing down where people purchase the rubber grommets for the floor pan, spare wheel, hatch etc. I have been told America but they want over $160 for postage to send me 8 grommets! Got to be a better place to purchase these from. any help appreciated! Marcus.
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