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Requesting 240z Engine Bay Scans & More(?)


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Currently, me and my friends are making a 1:1 STOCK 1969 Datsun 240z model for a video game mod we've been working on for the past few weeks.
Since references and resources are low, we're searching far and wide for anything that could be given to us so that we can ensure that the model is done correctly.
Front bumper section without the bar would be appreciated too.


If anyone can have 3D scans and reference files that could help, please let me know! Thanks.


unknown (5).png

unknown (4).png

unknown (7).png

unknown (6).png

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Running into trouble modelling the front bumper accurately.
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I'm not sure whether your still in need of the scan? But I purchased a Revopoint Pop 2 scanner not to long ago in order to scan a 260Z 2+2 rolling shell of mine for use in prototyping some parts in Solidworks, and hopefully in the next couple of weeks or more when I can get a free weekend i'm aiming towards trying to scan the whole front section and engine bay without the guards. Which in your case could probably still be useful for your project despite the differences between the 2 seater and 2+2, since they are both mostly identical up until anywhere past the firewall. If your interested i'll let you know once I've done it? I do plan on eventually scanning the rest of the shell, although it might not be relevant to what your after.


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