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Mechanics or Enthusiasts in Adelaide?

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Hi all,

See welcome post for more but I’ve just picked up a 260z that’s been stored for around 3 years - was running and driving prior to being parked up and looks in reasonable all round condition.

My question is - are there any recommended shops for dealing with a standard L28 zed? (Affordable, trust worthy, no Bs) Or any forum members / mobiles who’d be willing to do a home visit and work through the car for me and see if we can get her going? (Fluids, fuel, filters etc)

Knowing a trustworthy shop would be great! But I’ve also got some very basic knowledge and would be keen to see and learn as we go as well.

Cheers all!


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Hey dude, If you’re near Modbury I highly recomend auto masters at Modbury triangle, haven’t taken the Datsun there yet but will when it’s on the road, they fixed up my dads Charger and I always take my 180 there, really nice guys and they know their stuff.

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