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  1. Gyzmo, I would like to take this off your hands but I need some time to see if I can find the housing for the evaporator. Do you know anyone who may have the S130 RM-2 for one of these? If not, I need to find a 3D print shop that can create it or try my hand at fiberglass. This is the part I need, it is just not all there. I will probably use Interparcel to send it which would pick it up from your home but will require me to fill it out with a lot of your information. Please give me a week or 2 and I will contact you directly.
  2. That is reasonable! Have you or anyone else had any experience using Interparcel to send packages?
  3. I would only need the evaporator core since I have the other components. It's a bummer you do not have the housing for it. That is the last part of my puzzle. What shipping companies do you have out there? I would need the declensions of the box its shipping in and the weight to calculate and arrange shipping. I'm in Las Vegas Nevada USA 89131.
  4. This is a long shot from the USA, but do you still have this evaporator core and possibly the hitachi s130rm-2 housing for it? I have one of the few RHD 280ZXs out here in the states and I would like to put factory AC into my car. Would you also be willing to ship to the USA?
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