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  1. A 20b would be expensive but so much fun.. i had a 13bt mild port built by Pac performance about 10 yrs ago from memory it was about 20k for the engine, gearbox, haltec ecu, fuel system and tune 2jz would be an awesome pick and the one to go for just for the reliability I think... anyway better get back on track for now just thoughts on if the car is worth the 5k from the photos provided
  2. Potentially Gregtas but then there is no thrill of saving and fixing something from scratch. i also don't want the standard running gear so I don't see the point in spending 30k+ on a car that potentially couldve been fixed on the dodgy with running gear I have no desire for... I was thinking of a Sr20det or a 2jzgte or maybe just maybe even a 20b... total build cost im placing at about 50 to 60k for the car I want.
  3. I was thinking (rough figures) but about 20k-25k to bring it back to bare metal repair have all the rust repaired and a respray in a dark cherry red??? Is that a realistic number
  4. Hi gentlemen looking to buy my first Z this weekend its a 260z 2+2 1976 model I believe the bloke in its possession wants about 5,000 for it. what are your thoughts? Here are some images of it that the owner sent through, last time it was registered was back in 2004 Thanks Matt
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