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  1. It may sound a bit harsh to you, but there is history. Regardless of what my profile says about being a newbie I have actually been a member of this forum for quite a few years and in the past some members of the forum were not always that helpful or friendly. I was hoping after a few years that situation may have changed with new people joining. I realise that there is general consensus that the cars run at 50% - 50% but Engineers deal in facts not opinions. if it is 50% - 50% he wants documented evidence that is acceptable to the RMS. If I cant find it documented anywhere he wants me to find a stock car and get it weighed at an approved weighbridge, which I will do and pay someone for their time and trouble to do if needs be. And I did answer your question in my reply to your post in General Discussion on the October 1st, he wants it within 5%. If it goes above that he will want to see additional structural improvements. Wally58
  2. Well I couldn't get an answer to my first question in the general forum so I tried to appeal to those who race. Obviously a waste of time. Wally58
  3. I know a few people race 260z 2+2 cars and I was wondering what front to rear weight percentages are common for a relatively stock car. Wally58
  4. He wants the front and rear axle weights off a basically stock car so he can compare both the actual weights as well as percentages to mine. I still have to take my car up to the local weigh bridge and establish its front, and the rear axle weights, as well as the total vehicle weight. From all of that information he can verify that the suspension, Brakes and Mounts etc have the structural integrity and performance to handle the LS1 weight and power. He is hoping the weights are within 5% of stock so the entire process will be easier. If we are outside that limit we will have to do a bit more work. During construction I had the car on the digital scales we used in the past on our race cars routinely. The last time just prior to strip down for painting I had 53% front, 47% rear with 50% x 50% cross weights, but that was prior to completion and with no fluids. If it ends up coming out at that I will be over the moon. Once everything with Rego is sorted I will put it back on the scales and sort out the correct spring rates so I have frequencies of 2.0 and 2.2. If I find at that time the individual wheel weights have been screwed up. I will have to try and move some weight around to get them right. Wally58
  5. I have finally just about got my LS1 powered 1976 260Z 2+2 ready for final engineering and rego. I have documentation from Datsun showing the total Kerb weight of a standard 260Z 2+2 but the Engineer needs to have verifiable weights for the front axle on its own, and then the rear axle on its own. The car only has to be relatively stock for his purposes. He needs to know the weights so he can establish distribution percentages. I was hoping someone might have something from Datsun that would provide the required information. Alternatively if someone who has a 260z 2+2 would take it to a weighbridge and get the necessary weigh bridge tickets I would be prepared to pay reasonable compensation for their time and effort. Wally58
  6. Guys looking for an interior light (Complete) for my 260z 2+2. Wally 58
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