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  1. Hey guys, located in Florida, US... willing to pay shipping cost! Any condition
  2. Man those look really good!!! I was told that the fitment wouldnt be the best so i would have to work them into place bit i guess that would be for more of a lap weld with that type of fitment.
  3. Hey guys, What tools are you using to form and shape your floor pans into position for welding? I am about to embark on this journey lol... i saw an autobody set on Amazon....will this do? Any other tools i might need? I have clamps and hole clecos so I'm good there
  4. Hey guys, i purchased a set of new engine bay chasis rails from Zedds.... i notice that the old rails toward the radiator have a taper... the Zedd rails do not... in theory... i would have to drop the new rail every so slightly to keep it in a level position.... does this matter ? Do i need to modify the Zedd frame rail to give it the "drop down step"? Or moving it down that little bit will suffice?
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